11 Women Confess Why They Hide Their Engagement Rings

Whether they’re not comfortable flashing their bling, or they want to hide their impending nuptials from nosy neighbors, it’s not all that unusual for women to forgo wearing the traditional engagement ring.

And why not? Men don’t usually wear one either. So here are the top ten reasons why women skip the engagement ring these days.

1. We all forget sometimes

Honestly, there’s no need to be rude about it.

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2. Fear is a common denominator

Because really, how many times can you ask him to replace it?

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3. Then there’s the Freudian slip

Did she forget it, or did she “forget” it?

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4. Honestly, it’s too precious to lose

Part of it, all of it, at work, at another man’s house…
Why risk it?

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5. Work-shmurk, as they say

Nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting?

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6. Holding out for something better

Because when you’re free to flirt, anything can happen.

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7. Because why bother?

Once you’re not engaged anymore?
What is even the point?

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8. It turns her skin green

My dudes, if it gives her a rash, she’s going to leave it in the trash.

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9. You’ve got to walk the walk

You can’t just buy her a ring and call it a day.

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10. Sometimes women just hate it

I mean, this all sounds pretty terrible.

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11. Or someone hates them

Ouch. In-laws can be hard. Who needs the painful reminder?

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Some of these are pretty scandalous, but I definitely get it.

When I first got engaged my ring fell off right into the garbage, so I had to stop wearing it until I could get it resized.

Even then, I didn’t wear it to work. We worked together, and kept our engagement a secret for seven months!

What about you? Do you wear it? Skip it? A bit of both? Let us know in the comments.