12 Bad Cooks Share Some Real Bad Cooking Confessionals

Cooking is hard, dude.

One time I burnt Ramen noodles. I would go into the details but my insurance company has me on a gag order. They said Ramen isn’t supposed to go into a molten state like that. The authorities were called, biochemical weapon sanctions were placed. It was a weird afternoon.

These “cooks” are on much the same skill level. Read their full confessions of debauchery below.

1. Third time’s a charm.

And every time a mitt burns a shrimp a get its wings… That was funnier in my head.

2. Haircut on a budget

I used to do the same thing in college to save money. I mean the hair, not the ramen. I used a Flowbee. It was magical.

3. Nothing like a fluffy, yummy fish cake from the pan.

Syrup, please?

4. The Greening

I’ve had worse. I have had better… Would still eat. Happy Thankspatty Day

5. Thicc as a juicy ham.

Eggs and bacon served on a bun. 86 coffee, tho.

6. “Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?”

Hard as boiled.

7. The chocolate chips do bear a resemblance.

Doc told me to lay off the sodium.

8. The Gordon Bombrownie.

I made a Mighty Ducks reference because hockey. Fiskey!

9. Care for another egg…in these even more trying times?

Does water burn? Yeah?

10.   Fryin’ up a baking dish.

They don’t rewarm well.

11. Toaster>Towel

If you can’t take the heat get out the toaster.

12. Rice and water makes delicious rice

Rice and no water makes functional charcoal.

Any bad cooks gone worse reading this? Any horrible stories you want to share?

Do that in the comments, fam!