People Share the Reasons They Leave Their Engagement Rings at Home

We’ve all been there. Your ring is too loose, too tight, too… something. Or maybe it just doesn’t match your other jewelry.

Here are some of the ten crazy reasons why women choose to leave the bling behind.

1. Sometimes you just forget

But honestly, watch out if you do! You might start to regret it.

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2. All that shine can be a little blinding

But that’s okay, because who doesn’t love shiny?
Just pair your ring with sunglasses, and you’ll be fine.

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3. All dolled up with nowhere to go

Jewelry is like pants. If you’re not going out, who needs ’em?

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4. It’s only a symbol

Isn’t it more evolved to be above all that?
The ring won’t get you through the tough times.

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5. But it’s a symbol of him

In other words, he better be worth it.
Otherwise, it might be a symbol that you should give it back.

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6. Cheap, or just hypersensitive?

But seriously though, if the ring gives you a rash, did it come from a vending machine?
Don’t get mad. Buy better jewelry!

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7. Enough is enough

And two rings is just one too many sometimes.
After all, no one likes a showoff.

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8. It’s not that weird

We all take things off in our sleep. Right?

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9. Maybe she learned the hard way

Comfort is key.
Take it off while you’re awake… so that you don’t take it off when you’re not.

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10. Ladies gotta do what we gotta do

When it’s ugly, and you just can’t tell him… maybe it’s time to “lose” it?

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These are all completely understandable reasons to leave the rock at home.

Personally, I haven’t worn mine since the start of the pandemic. Too much hand-washing for that business.

What about you? Do you still wear your engagement ring? Be sure to share why or why not in the comments.