12 Before and After Photos That Will Inspire You

Seeing things in a new way is really interesting. What I find even more fascinating is when I see something I hadn’t even pictured in my mind before, whether it inspires me or makes me curious about a subject or makes me empathize with someone about their experience.

Here are 12 before and after pictures that will expand your mind about the possibilities of transformation.

1. So happy for you, kitty!

Aw look how happy and healthy the cat looks now.

I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One year difference. 🙂
byu/alinaesther inaww

2. Glad to see you’re doing better

I’m happy for this person. What a difference.

Before and After of deep cleaning my room after my depression slump
byu/rachelliyo inoddlysatisfying

3. Amazing what a surgery can accomplish

What a turnaround. Wishing you good health!

It has been 4 years to the day since I had my scoliosis surgery. The surgery itself took 14 hours. Surgeons drilled metal straightening bars into my spine. These are X-Rays taken before and after the surgery
byu/River_Atkinson ininterestingasfuck

4. The toll of war

It really aged him.

Abraham Lincoln Before And After The Civil War .
byu/admania inpics

5. A blue sky!

Reducing pollution is a beautiful thing

Manila before and after quarantine:
byu/stalwart_rabbit inpics

6. A healthy yard

You can now play soccer here without tripping!

Before and after of my marathon of a backyard project.
byu/TheWeetodd inpics

7. It looks like a different yard

Beauty coming out of an ugly time!

Before and after lockdown backyard
byu/koppersneller inpics

8. Looking at peace

Must have been quite something to see the other side again.

Picture taken before and after destruction of Berlin Wall
byu/thewrongun ininterestingasfuck

9. Great craftsmanship

You can make art out of anything.

Wooden chair, before and after
byu/Lulceltech inpics

10. Rust, begone!

I would have thought the details didn’t exist anymore, but voila!

Viking axe before and after restoration
byu/Petaaa ininterestingasfuck

11. A new look

So it was just dirt? Ew.

New york building before and after power washing
byu/manaven_pathak ininterestingasfuck

12. Is that the same mouth?

This could be an ad for an orthodontist

First pic 21 February, second pic 23 October
byu/jukiel19 inBeforeandAfter

I feel so empowered to change things in my life after seeing these remarkable transformations. Everything seems possible now.

What mountain in your life have you climbed despite the odds being against you?