12 Flight Attendants and Pilots Discuss the Really Things Passengers Do That Really Annoys Them

I read an article THIS MORNING about how some total jerk on an airplane a**aulted a flight attendant and caused them to lose two teeth.

What is the world coming to?!?! It’s infuriating!

My point is that flight attendants and pilots have to put up with a lot of BS from people when they’re just trying to do their jobs and get to the next destination.

Flight attendants and pilots opened up on AskReddit about what passengers do that really annoys them. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Just don’t use ’em.

“Don’t use the seat-back pockets.

The number of people that leave phones, books, iPads, laptops, wallets, etc. in those things and forget to pick them up is ridiculous. Put all important objects in a pocket, or part of a purse or backpack, in the same place every time.

The number of freak outs and radio or phone calls to the gate to search for a phone we deal with because someone can’t find a phone, passport, wallet, ticket or whatever is way too high. 90% of the time it’s just drifted to the bottom of a bag or in a different pocket. Same place every time will save you some serious panic.”

2. That’s your fault.

“If you are booking a connecting flight and the connection times are 30min or 2 hours. Pick the 2 hour connection.

I can’t stand passengers who get all upset when they miss their connecting flight because they booked themselves a 30min connection. Your stressful travel day will be a little less stressful knowing you have a buffer.

If you happen to land on time or even early, sit down at a restaurant, go for a walk, people watch, find your next flights gate and watch a movie there, etc.”

3. No free drinks.

“Stop expecting free al**hol because you handed me a three dollar bag of candy you bought in the airport. I’m a grown man.

You didn’t make my day by giving me a Hershey’s kiss. Slip me a twenty instead. I’ll give you an open bar the rest of the flight.”

4. I said no!

“No, you do not fly more than I do.

No, you cannot have a free upgrade because your friends cousins knows someone who works for the airline.

That’s not water on the bathroom floor, wear your shoes.

Believe it or not, there is a flush button on the toilet, you can do it yourself.

When the seatbelt sign comes on, you do have to take your sleeping baby out of the bassinet. If we hit bad turbulence your baby can and will hit the ceiling, then the floor, then the ceiling again. Your little darling won’t be sleeping then.

Yes, you do have to pay attention to the safety demonstration. I don’t care that you’re on a very important business call, if you block up an aisle in an emergency because you don’t know where to go you will probably k**l us all.

No, I won’t tell you what hotel we stay at.”

5. This isn’t a restaurant.

“Act like it’s a restaurant and you’re the only costumer in it.

If you don’t get your choice of meal, just take whatever is available, meals are loaded by a specific percentage.

If your seat is at the row where the food cart will finish, then there s a chance you won’t get your choice of meal”

6. Ugh!

“Passenger painting her nails during the flight – noxious fumes for everyone!

Passengers who have the volume so high on their headphones that everyone in the surrounding five rows can hear it and won’t lower the volume no matter how many times they’re politely asked to do so.”

7. No leeway.

“As a flight attendant, it’s expecting leeway.

We aren’t given leeway by our bosses and the FAA about enforcing rules so if you want to do something against the FAA federal regulations or company procedures, we can’t give leeway either.

The idea that “it depends on the flight attendant” if your child has to wear a mask, if they will upgrade you, if you can keep your bag/laptop out, and anything that evokes the phrase “they let me do it on the last flight”., etc.

We can be fined a personal large monetary fine for allowing passengers to break rules or easily lose our jobs. Please just follow the rules that are set (that we have 0% decision on) or choose to travel a different method.”

8. Not gonna happen.

“Telling me it is your honeymoon so you can get bumped up to 1st Class for free on this flight to the Caribbean.

Look at the back of the plane – EVERYONE is on their honeymoon!”

9. Who would do that?

“Passengers taking safety equipment home.

It may seem innocent, but we have to have a minimum amount of safety cards, life jackets on board etc. Every time one goes missing or we fall below the minimum amount, it’s a phone call to maintenance.

One time a pax inflated the life jacket on board… caused an hour delay once we landed after getting the police involved for damage and phone calls to maintenance and company.”

10. Don’t even think about it.

“Don’t touch my crew!

It happens, and if you touch my crew inappropriately I’ll make sure the police are waiting for you as we park on stand. When it happens it’s usually because the person is intoxicated, but the alcohol effects are increased in an aircraft due to the reduced pressure!

Also for extra effect, I’ll make sure all the other passengers are still seated when we park, so you walk down the the aisle with the police so everyone can look at you.”

11. Oh, great…

“Back when you could bring aerosols on a plane, a woman on my flight started spraying hairspray on her hair.

For the entire duration of the flight, the cabin smelled like Aquanet.”

12. Where to begin…?

“I’d say one of the most irritating and annoying thing is when people ignore or fight our instructions concerning safety regulations.

I do not enjoy telling you that you can’t have your bag in an exit row, that you need to put your important laptop away for takeoff and landing and that you should stay seated when the seatbelt sign is on. And no it is not negotiable. No reason to get insulting or treat us like s**t.

Drunken behaviour. When you start getting aggressive for not getting anymore booze, we know it’s the right call. It is neither fun for us or the people sitting in you vicinity. From harassment, cussing, aggressive behaviour, throwing up or loud terrible singing/howling on a long haul night flight. Same for medications taken with alcohol.

If you are nice I am happy to walk the extra mile for you. Having a free seat next to you, a drink i don’t have in my cart ATM, extra snacks etc. But being an a** for things I can’t change won’t help anyone. Yes I do see you are flying with an infant and I would love to give you a whole seat row but the flight is fully booked.

You have a certain allergy and can’t eat any of the foods offered and have not ordered a special meal before flight? We have only the foods on board which were loaded and i can’t create or order any mid-flight.

The bar carts are heavy and the airplane has basically always an incline angle. Please move out of the way and go use the restroom before we are blocking your way.

Feet in the isles during night flights. The cabin lights are dimmed and i do understand your need for stretching your legs but it is a trip hazard for us. There have been colleagues which broke bones for tripping over feet and legs in the dark.

Parents which let their kids do whatever they want. I almost had to cancel a takeoff once because a toddler was crawling in the isle just because mom said he won’t sit still shortly before takeoff. Disregarding that on takeoff roll he could have gotten severely injured.

And please bring everything you need for your kids. Diapers, food, milk. We have some items to help you out when you run out but not to supply everything for infants for the entire flight. And tray tables and seats are no changing tables. Gross. Please use the ones in the restrooms.

And yes i cringe seeing ppl run around barefoot especially near/in restrooms. I sometimes can’t understand what happened in there but its gross. And well i bet in almost every aircraft are restrooms where someone couldn’t make it to it in time and vomited right in front of it.

You are a guest on board. A very valued guest. But please behave as such. You have passenger bins and your seat area. Don’t open other cabinets or lockers. Don’t help yourself to anything which isn’t obviously on display for you. And if in doubt ask first. We had passengers eating the homemade lunch of a colleague in Tupperware. Someone took a bite from a piece of cheese which my colleague already had a bite from and placed it back, etc

All that said I have had as well super amazing passengers. A lot of laughs, people who forgave me for drenching them with sprite or red wine, offering help to me in certain situations, etc.

Flying since 2012.”

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what really annoys you when you fly.

Thanks in advance!