12 Funny Tweets for Your Viewing Pleasure

Hey, you. Yeah, you!

We want you to come and get it! What on Earth is this crazy person talking about, you might be asking yourself? Well, I’m gonna fill you in!

We’re here today to present you with yet another batch of funny tweets that we’ve carefully hand-selected to make you laugh your *sses off!

What else do you need, really?

The answer is NOTHING. Nothing at all…

And we are almost 100% certain that these tweets will make you laugh so hard, you might not even have an *ss anymore…so just be sure to check when you’re done looking at this stuff, okay?

Okay, enough with the chit chat, let’s get it on!

1. Come on! Come on!

I thought this only happened in elevators…

2. Don’t pray for him anymore.

I think that’s enough! Thanks though!

3. Throw it back to you.

Is that cool?

4. You always have to check.

Just in case…

5. Give me another.

And keep ’em coming!

6. I think you’re getting a divorce.

Are you happy now?

7. He had to do it.

You know he couldn’t pass that up!

8. That’s the good stuff!

More of that, please!

9. Bill did it again.

He always makes it all about him.

10. The pain I have caused others…

Take some time for yourself to reflect…

11. This is really all you need to know.

Get rid of all your other books.

12. The candles number looks a little bit off.

Just a thought…

How about you?

Have you seen any funny tweets lately that you really love?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!