12 Marriage Tweets That Are As Real As It Gets

Marriage can be a great and beautiful thing, but that doesn’t also mean it’s hard – and some days, it can seem like you made downright hilariously bad mistake.

If you’re married, we think these 12 tweets are going to hit home no matter what sort of day you’re having – because we all know that even if this week or month are great, you’re going to be in need of some laughs soon enough.

12. Well that was just ridiculous.

I hope you’ve apologized over and over.

11. We’re very protective over those things.

Seriously don’t use the rest.

10. And he was a happy man.

For a few hours, anyway.

9. I’m just eating it super slow.

Swear. What’s up with the side-eye.

8. I like the idea of a RV trip.

But I’m not sure I would like the reality.

7. What does that even mean?

I need more detailed instructions.

6. Oh my god.

He definitely needs supervision.

5. It’s a great way to live.

I’d like to be the dad in most scenarios.

4. I see what’s going on here.

He probably did, too. Eventually.

3. That is a person who is there for you.

You have chosen wisely.

2. It’s kind of adorable though, right?

So he has that going for him.

1. He has to be doing it on purpose.

What did you do to earn this treatment?

You can do this, so have a laugh together and live to love another day.

What’s your favorite way to annoy your spouse when they’re on your nerves? Share it with us in the comments!