12 Neighbors Who Are Way Nicer Than Yours

Good neighbors are hard to find, regardless of what Mr. Rogers led us to believe. The best I honestly hope for is just neutral neighbors, and not only because I’m an introvert with social anxiety who would rather not chat over the fence.

These 12 neighbors are so sweet even I wouldn’t mind, though – just look and see for yourself!

12. It’s called holiday cheer, people.

You’re supposed to spread it – this lady understood the assignment.

Neighborhood kids were using this lady’s yard for sledding without asking. She responded by blasting Xmas music out her window, putting on a Santa hat with a beard and joining them.
byu/ffdmc inMadeMeSmile

11. The cat everyone loved.

This brings a tear to my eye.

So my cat died a few days ago and the neighbors kids found out and my this collage of him. Im in tears.
byu/The3ndSovietUnion inMadeMeSmile

10. Everyone needs this sometimes.

When you don’t want to run to the store again.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

9. Hire that child immediately.

Seriously, they will love your pup up right.

An offer from the neighbor
by inMadeMeSmile

8. The job no one wants to do.

And he does it for everyone.

After bad storms, this retired old man goes around our neighborhood and cleans the debris out of yards and catch basins. When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude
byu/HERMANNATOR85 inHumansBeingBros

7. I could really use those neighbors.

This is the way to go through life, y’all.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

6. We all need a doggo to pet.

Make sure you share yours.

When you do not have a doggo but your neighbor does…
byu/Tempest-Frost inaww

5. All mamas deserve a rose.

Those vases are dang adorable, too.

90-year-old neighbor on strict quarantine put out a table of roses from his garden in wood vases he made by hand
byu/DrKenNoisewaterMD inMadeMeSmile

4. You’ve gotta share what you’ve got.

It might be the highlight of someone’s day.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

3. This is how you neighbor.

This kid is going places.


2. Let them know you’re there for them.

It must have been a relief for so many.

Neighbours helping out strangers during the Australian bushfires. Everything helps and it all adds up!!
by inHumansBeingBros

1. This would cheer anyone up.

I can’t stop giggling.

Left this in my neighbor’s garden to cheer them up.
byu/RudyWillingham inpics

I guess I have to try to be a better neighbor now. Sheesh.

Has your neighbor done you a great kindness? Tell us the story in the comments!