12 Non-Texans Share What They Think About When They Hear “Texas”

People sure do seem to have strong feelings about Texas.

And that goes for people who don’t live there and the folks who call the Lone Star State their home.

I personally like visiting Texas. I’ve spent time in Austin, Dallas, and Denton, and I’ve always enjoyed my time there.

What do non-Texans think about Texas?

Here’s what AskReddit users said about this.

1. Interesting.

“Like house cats

Fiercely convinced of their independence while also almost entirely reliant on a system that they neither fully understand nor appreciate.”

2. Not a good look.

“Terrible politicians.

Hundreds d** as Ted Cruz goes on vacation.”

3. BIG down there.

“I spent time (nearly a month) in Texas in the 1990s (guest of a wealthy oilman for a wedding). I’m an Aussie.

What I found was a lot of nice folk but they had an ego problem about their state: EVERYTHING was bigger and better in Texas! I quickly found a way to prick their egos: when they started with the braggadocio I’d quickly come back and, with a straight face, note we have cattle stations (ranches for the Septic Tanks) bigger than the entire state of Texas (which is absolutely true). The braggadocio would quickly stop!

As an aside, I went to a dinner party the first week there where there were a few Texan VIPs including a newspaper magnate. I asked “who did kill JFK”? You’d think I’d told the funniest joke ever. They all laughed until the newspaper guy said “Don’t you know OP”? “It was Lyndon Johnson and the military industrial complex”. They were quite serious.”

4. For the metalheads.


RIP Dime Bag Darrel.”

5. Not a fan.

“I always just think “no thanks I’m good without all that.”

I’m in New Mexico though and there ain’t no love lost between our two states.”

6. Good and bad.

“Interesting and diverse major cities, awesome food, beautiful landscapes, unique culture, rich history…

…all drowned out by ignorant, backward, ammo-s**ual white folks who ruin it for everyone else who lives there.”

7. A wild place.

“No zoning laws. So when that fertilizer plant explodes the preschool next door experiences maximum casualties.

Their power grid is for s**t and their pronouns are hee and haw.”

8. Diverse.

“Politically? Unfortunately regressive.

People-wise? Massively diverse due to huge state.

I wouldn’t judge the people based on being Texan.”

9. Interesting.

“In my company (in a country on the opposite side of the planet from Texas), ‘gone Texas’ is a term used to describe a software program that has frozen up to the point where even Task Manager can’t abort it.

Otherwise we don’t think about it very much, except perhaps with mild horror.”

10. Ouch…

“Typically, “f**king idiots” because Texas is like Florida, they’re never in the headlines for anything good.

I say this as someone who lives in Florida.”

11. Doesn’t sound good.

“People who are a**holes but think they’re nice people.

Super judgy and self-righteous.”

12. Isn’t that ironic?

“Right wingers that h**e socialism but suck up oil subsides, farm subsidies and federal aide for every hurricane or severe weather event , and have no desire to tour, vacation or spend a dime there.

Oh yeah, and no electric service.”

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