12 People Admit the False Things They Believed in for Too Long

We live in a time where misinformation is everywhere…all you have to do is look at social media and see some of the things adults post on there.

Yes, it’s depressing…

And today we’re gonna hear from people who admitted the false things they believed for too long.

Let’s see what they said on AskReddit.

1. Didn’t work out.

“That eating my vegetables would help me grow big and tall like my dad who’s 6’0

I’m a whopping 5’0 tall.”

2. A bad habit.

“So I had this bad habit of eating fingernails when I was younger.

My mom told me if I ate them, the chewed up nails would cut my lungs.

Needless to say, I don’t eat nails anymore.”

3. Check the diagram.

“There are specific zones for taste buds on your tongue.

That diagram messed everyone up for decades.”

4. I did, too.

“That quicksand and the Bermuda Triangle would be huge threats in your day-to-day adult life.”

5. This is great.

“That miners couldn’t vote in National elections and I assumed it was from the gasses underground or something else they were inhaling.

It wasn’t until I read it and realized it was minors, not miners.”

6. Right on the ocean.

“I thought Wisconsin was somewhere on the mid-Atlantic coast.

I grew up less than an hour from the Wisconsin state border.”

7. That’s a bummer.

“That recycling on the consumer level actually had any real meaningful impact.

Most things don’t actually get recycled that we send in these days, and major companies would need to make major change to have any real impact.”

8. Different stomachs.

“I used to believe that I had separate stomachs for different kinds of food.

Like a stomach for carrots, a stomach for onions etc, and that the gullet was this amazing sorting system. Explained to myself that these stomachs were effectively tubes within our bodies, so the more types of food you’ve encountered the chubbier you become.

Chubby people made so much sense back then. Once I swallowed a fish bone and imagined my body creating a new stomach for fish bones. Subsequent events of swallowing inserted images of fish bones piling up in that empty tube. Further backed up my hypothesis when newly encountered foods were “hard to swallow” (guess I was just picky).”

9. Just friends.

“As a kid I thought my parents were not a couple but just two friends living in the same house to take care of us.

My enlightenment happened when my gay childhood friend who’s a bit older than me told me that our parents actually do the kissing and when I didn’t believe it, she told me to ask my elder sister, who in my disbelief agreed with her.

Well, I don’t know where I got the idea, but my father looks too old for my mom( he is 15 years older) and I’ve never seen them being affectionate to each other.”

10. Columbus.

“That Columbus was the only one that thought the earth was round. Everyone knew the earth was round they wouldn’t fund his expedition because no one knew the Americas was there.

He was claiming that he could sail across the Atlantic, and all the way across the Pacific and the supposedly ocean space where the Americas were to get to the East Indies. It was a reasonable thought to say f**k no. He simply got really f**king lucky.

Also he was a genocidal sociopath that even Spaniards of the day thought was over the top.”

11. That’s scary.

“I thought Candyman was a real person.

Didn’t know he was completely made up until I turned 20.”

12. That would be creepy.

“I believed that working graveyard shift literally meant sitting in a graveyard all night long.”

What false facts did you believe in for way too long?

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Thanks a bunch!