12 People Share Safety Tips They Think Everyone Should Know

You gotta be careful out there…because we live in a wild world!

And we live in a dangerous world, too…

And today we’re gonna get some quality safety tips from folks on AskReddit.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Don’t do it.

“Don’t put your feet on the dashboard if you’re riding shotgun.

Level-1 trauma hospital worker here. Seen a fatality of a passenger who had their legs on the dash during the collision. It literally shoved their (broken) leg back into them and their own leg bone (shard) pierced their chest cavity and heart.

Just don’t do it.”

2. Don’t wait.

“Head injuries can take hours to manifest.

Go see a doctor even if you think it was minor.

If you wait, it may already be too late once you start showing symptoms.”

3. Definitely.

“Always prepare to be stranded.

But you live in a city and never go to the middle of nowhere? Doesnt matter. Many things could happen that would leave you stranded with potentially no access to communications or anything else.

Keep a towel, hand warmers, flashlight, and water at the very least. Towels are exceptionally useful tools.”

4. Odd man out.

“If everybody else is staying on the beach don’t go running into the ocean.

They might all be staying on the beach for a reason. Like jellyfish.

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.”

5. Put it back.

“Deep dents in canned foods, especially on a seam, can be a sign of botulism or bacterial contamination and should be avoided.”

6. Good tip.

“If you have been on the fence for a while about being too cold to continue, in a backcountry situation, you are already too cold.

Immediately make emergency efforts to get warm. Being hypothermic severely clouds your judgement.”

7. Fight for your life.

“Never get into a vehicle if someone is trying to kidnap you if you can help it.

It’s better to fight and scream as much as you can because once you get in the vehicle your chances of survival go down significantly.”

8. Caution: HOT.

“When boiling a pot of water, turn the handle inwards towards the center of the stove / counter.

That way somebody (especially a kid) won’t come by and knock it over or grab it and pull it over on themselves.”

9. What’s that smell?

“If you get a whiff of really bad BO when you’re hiking in the woods, chances are you are downwind from a bear. Stay alert!”

10. Street smarts.

“When walking down the street with a one-shoulder bag, keep it on the building side of your body – not the side on which people pass you. It makes the bag harder to slash/snatch.

If asked for the time on the street, don’t check your phone. Check your watch, but do so by lifting your wrist to within your field of view – don’t look down at your wrist. If you don’t have a watch, then say you don’t know the time.

Be cautious if a person asks you to look at something, like “that car behind you”.

Collectively these tips will help avoid some basic mugging tricks.”

11. Aim for the corners.

“If you need to break open a car window using a tool do NOT hit the middle, hit one of the corners.

The middle of he window is reinforced to prevent it from being broken.”

12. Always!

“Always put an emergency brake up when you park your car on a hill.

You never know when your regular brake will fail.”

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