12 People Share What They Think Doesn’t Need to Exist but Won’t Go Away

There are a whole lot of things out there that don’t need to exist but still won’t seem to go away…

I mean, how much time you got, buddy?

While you think about this important question, check out what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Really?!?!

“Phone books.

Somehow they still magically appear on my doorstep every few months or so.”

2. Yup.


They’re literally just living billboards.”

3. People get worked up about this.

“Daylight Savings Time.

It never needed to exist. The story you were told about Ben Franklin and farmers was a lie (or rather, it was the setup to a joke, and people act like it was serious because some idiot convinced us to do it years later).”

4. Who?

“The Island Boys.

They’re a disgrace to islands and boys.”

5. Think about it.

“Health insurance companies.

Why am I paying a middle man to deny my healthcare while they make a profit and also pay for a huge staff to operate the business? Universal healthcare already, please.”

6. Thoughts on this one?

“Tipping. Just pay staff and charge customers what it costs.

None of this subjective 0-20% service fee that becomes a mandatory 18% when you have a party of 8.”

7. Get rid of ’em!


No one uses them, they cost more to make than they’re even worth, and inflation is so high that they are essentially worthless anyway. It literally isn’t worth my time to pick up a penny if I see one on the street.

Other countries have done away with their lowest denomination currency with no ill effects, but as always America likes to stubbornly cling to outdated nonsense just because.”

8. Workin’ for The Man.

“8 hour days. I want you to think about how long that actually is.

Nobody should need to work 2-10 anymore especially with how “crazy” I hear labor is these days.

If everyone’s looking for a job and everybody’s hiring why am I still being f**ked?”

9. Never thought of that…

“Court stenographers.

I get that we need everything recorded and some times read back but how can one person interpreting what was said and typing it in a shorthand language to be read back be better than just playing the recording back?

Seems like this should’ve disappeared as technology advanced.”

10. What’s the point?

“The use of paper at my work. We keep a physical copy of everything for no reason.

Dispatch a delivery, print a report just to put it in a box for it to never be looked at again for the rest of time, repeat 100x per week.”

11. Disposable.

“Plastic disposables whether styrofoam or plastic to go boxes, pens, bags, whatever.

It’s sad that they are used so widely as disposable for the name of convenience, only used for one purpose for as little as 30 seconds and thrown “away” where it never actually goes away and trashes our environment and makes us sick while coming from nonrenewable resources.

Whoo hoo!”

12. Let’s make a deal.

“Car dealerships.

They’re sleazy as hell, they’re among the few retailers who still use high pressure sales tactics, and they waste an absurd amount of your time.

If something like Cazoo ever made it to the US, I would never set foot in one again.”

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