12 People Admit What They Finally Realized Is a Huge Waste of Time

Do you want to know what I’ve realized is a waste of MY time as I’ve gotten older?

Worrying about things I can’t control.

When I was younger, I’d worry about pretty much anything and everything…

These days?

Well, I still worry about stuff, but that list has gotten a lot shorter.

What did you finally realize was a big waste of time?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Time to quit.

“When I was only playing a game to fulfill the dailies and not actually having fun playing anymore.”

2. Focus on today.

“Living in the past.

I go as far as before I was born, I would think how simple life would be in the last centuries albeit the wars and what not.

I would waste my time thinking how I could have saved this, that, how I could have impressed the folk back then.

Complete waste of time, instead do it now, now is the change and now you can do anything to save this and that. I think I should stop living the past.”

3. Glad you’re done.

“Trying to please somebody who clearly did not care about me.

Learned a great lesson/statement a while ago. “If you’re chasing that means they’re running”.

Made me open my eyes…”

4. Waste of time.

“Arguing with people on the internet.

Most people will not change their minds if they are firmly set in their beliefs.”

5. Be happy.

“Prioritizing my job over my actual happiness.

I do realize there’s a lot of nuance when it comes to work and needing a job to provide for our needs. That being said, by all means, if your job brings you happiness then you are a fortunate individual for sure.

However, if your job doesn’t bring you lots of happiness then make the most of it while you’re at your place or work. Strive to maintain a happy state of mind. Take any and every vacation day you can afford to. We only get one chance at this thing.”

6. Get out.

“Being in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their mental health and uses it as an excuse for bad behavior.”

7. Sometimes it never happens.

“Waiting for people to change. If they do sure, cool.

Don’t stick around wasting your time waiting for a tomorrow that’s 5 years from now.”

8. Not worth it.

“Staying in toxic friendships that were causing me extreme anxiety.

It’s so great to be able to say “F Off” to those friends.”

9. Can’t please everyone.

“Trying to make everyone like me.

I have learned to just be myself and let that weed out the people who like me from those who don’t!”

10. Cut your losses.

“Dissecting other peoples’ psychological make-up as a way to understand why they treated me like s**t.

I’ve learned it’s better to take peoples actions at face value sometimes and just cut my losses and run.”

11. Honest about it.

“Writing my book. Well, books.

It was a project I started for myself between cancer diagnosis + pandemic downtime. I started one book, then just kept writing more in the series. I’m up to five books out of a planned seven.

The thing is…they’re just not very good. I thought maybe my writing would improve, but going back and reading a lot of it it’s technically proficient but just dull as dishwater.

I’m going to finish, because I actively deny the concept of the sunk cost. But the realization over the past few months just tells me how much of my life I just wasted.”

12. Too much stress.

“Worrying about being a “chronic underperformer”.

The amount of stress it generates is paralyzing and just adds more fuel to the


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