What’s Not a Cult but Feels Like One? Here’s What People Said.

There seem to be a lot of things out there that aren’t officially cults but seem like them.

Sports fans, fanbases of certain bands and movie franchises…

Heck, I guess I could be considered a cult member based on a few of the teams I like, if I’m being honest about it.

Let’s see what things AskReddit users think seem like cults even though they aren’t…yet…

1. Big box store.

“It wasn’t as prevalent at the Sam’s club I worked at, but there’s a low key Cult of Walt(on) at Walmart stores.”

2. Weird.


They have gamified their recruiting, trainings and career advancement. They have badges, tiers, ranks, mascots tribal/group based identities, the notion of “Ohana”.

Not saying their product isn’t good (quite the contrary actually), but it feels like a cult/MLM model at times.”

3. Aggies.

“Texas A&M University.

I am an Aggie.

Our fave saying is “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it.

From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

100% a cult.”

4. This is my lifestyle.

“All of those do-it-at-home, online marketing that I see a lot of women in my life get sucked into.

Where you make a ton of posts and hype up whatever occupation you’re in as a “lifestyle”, with promises of good pay, great social circles, and fulfilling incentives”

5. Big time.

“Being a fan of certain movies or shows.

Some people just take it way too far.”

6. Get moving!


I’ve been saying this for like two years!!

I know someone with a Peloton and I am very happy that it got them to lose weight and be active, but man they way they talked about it and posted on Facebook about it made me feel like it was a cult.”

7. Hustlin’.

“Hustle Culture.

I used to work with a guy who bragged he “only sleeps 10 minutes a night” because as soon as he got off he’d go do gigs or play with crypto all night.

The only things in his life, supposedly, was “banging b**ches and getting bags.”

He’s far from the only person who thinks it’s “Chad” to run yourself ragged and never take care of yourself.”

8. Yup.


There are so many factions and they all have YouTube channels.

You have the vloggers, the podcasters, the news desk people.

Then that’s divided even further to the West Coast and East Coast people.

I just can’t imagine going to Disney every single day like some of the youtubers.”

9. Ha!


There’s a whole subculture of BBQ artists and connoisseurs, they can talk and talk for hours about it. It feels like a cult.

But barbecue is not a false prophet. Barbecue is truth.”

10. Homeowners Associations.


That’s no joke. I used to sell DIY security systems and the HOA customers were always a tough sell. They all have to agree to buy the exact same product or they’re not allowed to buy it at all.

But if I did sell one, I sold to the whole neighborhood so there were a couple that earned me huge commissions.”

11. Join the crew.

“When I was in high school, I had several friends who did crew (rowing).

These guys had some unusual rituals to say the least. Before every race the varsity captain would buy probably $100 worth of produce and would host a food fight “in the name of the great gods of the water”.

To top it off, they all dressed the same and would speak in a jargon of crew terms nobody else could understand.

Definitely not technically a cult but sure as hell felt like one.”

12. The few, the proud.

“The Marines.

Marine here.

Q: How many branches of the US military are there?

A: Two – the Army and the Navy. The Air Force is a corporation and the Marine Corps is a cult.”

13. See it all the time.

“So many people have made their political party of choice into their personality and it’s unbearable.

Agree or GTFO is pretty much what it has become.

So yeah pretty cult like.”

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