14 People Talk About What They Think Is Way Overpriced

I have a friend with a diabetic son and he tells me how much insulin costs and it is MINDBLOWING.

And it’s borderline criminal, if you ask me…

But there seems to be a lot of that going around.

What do you think is overpriced?

Here’s what folks said about this on AskReddit.

1. Bad news.


How the hell does a life saving medicine go from $15 to $75 while simultaneously lowering the amount of dosage?”

2. I wonder why…

“Canadian here. It’s definitely cost of mobile/internet plans.

They’re ridiculously overpriced and it makes me cry to see prices elsewhere.”

3. Eating green.


Man, it’s so frustrating, sometimes I just want something light and it costs me more then 6 hamburgers.”

4. Something to think about.

“For the life of me, I cannot with out why suitcases are so expensive.

They’re just plastic shells, a zip and some wheels, yet they sell for hundreds.”

5. Insane.

“Concessions at sporting events in the US. Our taxes pay for the stadiums.

Then the public has to buy tickets to get in.

Then when we finally get inside, they are gonna charge $14 for a $3 beer.”

6. Ridiculous.

“Ambulance rides.

$5,000 to be transported less than a mile. I didn’t ask for it. They didn’t get their money.

My credit bounced back. F**k their ambulance ride tax.”

7. Criminal.

“My husband needs rituximab infusions due to a rare kidney disease.

They are $16,000 each. That’s $16,000 per four hour infusion.

They aren’t covered by our insurance.”

8. Absolutely.

“Any form of dental work.

Why is it so much and not covered by dental insurance?!?!”

9. So expensive.

“College textbooks.

They can cost hundreds of dollars, and professors will publish new ones all the time to force students to get the newest version instead of reusing an older one.”

10. Should be cheap. Or free.

“I very obviously need therapy but don’t have a job with benefits to cover it.

My partner and I constantly talk about how badly I need a therapist but the conversation just goes in circles because I want help, I just can’t afford help.

I’m in school now to hopefully get a better job to sort it all out, but it would be so much easier if my country’s healthcare would cover mental health.”

11. Black Gold.

“Printer ink.

I worked at Dell 10 years, or so, ago. We would give printers away with every computer.

They made a fortune from selling the ink. They explained to us that ink was “Black Gold” and something like $32,000 USD per gallon at the time.”

12. The gift of sight.


Hell, I didn’t choose to be blind as a shortsighted bat, why do I have to spend a ton on a thing that I literally need to function.”

13. Poverty.

“Being poor.

My old boss asked me if I was working out since I had lost like 15 pounds but the reality of it was I couldn’t afford food. We had snacks in the office that accounted for probably 75% of my daily caloric intake.

I was going further and further into debt just to keep the bills paid, and for many months could only make the minimum payment on my credit card so the interest was also k**ling me. So glad I’m in a better, debt free position now and have the ability to help out those less fortunate than myself.”

14. Pretty much.

“Groceries. Rent. Gas. Healthcare. Medication. Having a car.

Literally everything.

Better question would be what’s not expensive.

What do you think is overpriced?

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