What Animal Would You Not Mind Seeing Go Extinct? Here’s What People Said.

Can we all agree that the world would be a lot better off if mosquitoes were gone forever?

And I don’t want to hear anything about how it’ll mess up the food chain or such arguments.

We need it!

What animals would you like to see go bye-bye forever?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. Ugh.

“Fruit flies.

One rogue onion and your whole house is invaded.

They’re completely unnecessary.”

2. What the carp?!

“Invasive Carp in Minnesota.

Those f**kers will dominate and destroy healthy lakes and ponds and ruin good fishing spots. They’re a garbage fish that have a horrible, slimy texture when you eat them so there’s no point in cooking them.

If you catch them you’re legally required to kill and remove them from the body of water it was caught in.

I once witnessed a guy throw a big wooden log at a Carp’s head and wrestle it out of a small creek to stop it from ruining that fishing spot. People here take fishing seriously.”

3. Feral.

“Feral hogs. Literally one of the most destructive and aggressive beasts in the United States.

For those that have lived on a farm or in the country and are from the south know how destructive these things can be and they carry tons of disease and parasites.

I had a bad problem in my area with them about two years ago destroying a bunch of land, gardens and took out a few of my neighbor and I’s animals and we had to put down a horse because it got attacked. I don’t like k**ling anything, but I feel very little remorse taking them down after that.”

4. Bye bye!

“All parasitic worms.

Tapeworms, liver fluke, hookworms.

None of them would be particularly missed.”

5. Gross.

“Head lice.

My daughter missed almost a month of school because she kept getting them but the school nurse wouldn’t check every kid in class, just the ones scratching their heads.”

6. I think you’re talking about pugs.

“Those ugly little dogs, with bulging eyes and that are unable to breathe normally.

Genetically inbred miserable excuse for a dog.

People who have them are even proud of them. They sound be ashamed of these freaks of nature.”

7. Scary.

“Fire ants.

Some larger mounds have hundreds of thousands of those deadly mindless creatures.

They’re taking over NC and 20 years ago we never heard of them.”

8. Ballsy.


Way too many of them are ballsy little sh**s that’ll take stuff you’re about to bite into.

I lost a hot dog to one years ago, yanked it out of my hand and dumped all but the wiener on the ground before flying away.”

9. Not me!

“Domestic Cats and Dogs, and I’ll explain why:

Domestic Cats are one of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species.

Dogs are genetically modified wolves. (I prefer the real Wolves).”

10. Nasty little things.


I used to live in an area that was high in tick count. Every hour or so during football practice we had to do a “tick check” where we teamed up with another player and checked each other for ticks (we practiced in a different area then the stadium as the stadium was used every evening/morning for other sports and could only be booked for games).

Had a friend and teammate who got Lyme disease because he didn’t check himself for ticks. That’s what started the “tick check” every hour or so and once at the end of practice.

But I also h**e mosquitoes. They’re annoying, love me, and spread diseases more than my ex did once she got an STD.”

11. Beware…

“Anything that is over-venomous. Like a Rattlesnake or a Black Mamba.

There’s just no sense for something to have that potent venom.”

12. Don’t watch the Hitchcock movie.


I know they are probably useful and also i don’t really wish them harm but man… I am f**king scared of birds.

I don’t trust them at all and they are on some genius s**t. When a monkey is smart we are like, sure.

But when a f**king prehistoric dinosaur ancestor in form of a bird use tools or slides down the roof in winter it f**king freaks the living s**t out of me.”

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