13 People Share Scary and Disturbing Historical Facts

You may think you know a lot about history, but today you’re gonna get a lesson in DISTURBING HISTORY.

Because a bunch of AskReddit users were nice enough to share dark, disturbing, and scary facts that shed different lights on history…

Let’s take a look…

1. Oh, my…

“Genghis Khan’s army once defeated an opposing force and rounded up all the men including the leader who was a prince. They made the men lay on the ground and on top of their bodies they built a stage.

That night the Mongols partied hard on that stage and slowly, slowly, crushed the soldiers of the opposing army underneath them.”

2. Eerie.

“On Christmas Eve 1975, Macías Nguema (the dictator of Equatorial Guinea) had 150 suspected dissidents hanged at the national football stadium in Malabo by soldiers dressed as Santa Clauses, while amplifiers were playing Mary Hopkin’s song “Those Were the Days.””

3. Peasant revolt.

“In the early 1500s, there was a guy named György Dózsa. He ended up leading a peasant revolt in the Hungary/Romania region.

When he was finally captured, he was k**led in a very unique fashion (and rather horrible). See, in order to mock his hopes to be king, he was forced to sit on a red hot iron throne, wear a red hot iron crown and hold an red hot iron scepter.

Then, as he is being burned alive by this red hot regalia, they march in 9 of his revolt leaders. They had been starved for days. Leading them in was György’s younger brother. The younger brother was cut in half before György and the remaining prisoners watched as they took red hot pliers and began to pull strips of his flesh off.

The remaining prisoners were then told to go to György and start to eat him where they flesh had been removed.

György eventually d**d from this t**ture and the peasant prisoners who had ate parts of György were allowed to leave.”

4. Creepy.

“If you were an Egyptian warrior during the Persian war, the scariest thing about the ordeal would be the fact that everyone’s wearing the religious artifacts you worship.

They even had cats follow them into battle, which Egyptians couldn’t k**l, ALSO for religious reasons.”

5. Unit 731

“Unit 731 was a lethal human experimentation first established in 1932 that involved mostly Chinese prisoners.

Basically a small group of (I think Japanese)scientists that were interested in the creation of biological weapons conducted this experiment. The experiments they did one people were absolutely horrendous.

The prisoners were infected with the bubonic plague and many things were performed on the prisoners such as vivisections (live autopsies), amputations, lethal injection, and much more. And if you were to look this up be careful. The pictures are very gruesome.”

6. Scandalous.

“U.S. president Grover Cleveland got a girl pregnant, put the child up for adoption, and used his political power to institutionalize her to an insane asylum.

He was elected shortly after.”

7. The famine.

“After the Irish famine (or genocide depending on how you see it) so many people d**d or emigrated that the countries population has only got back to the same level this year.”

8. Never forget.

“Auschwitz is perhaps the best known symbol of N*zism because some people actually survived and told stories of the Auschwitz slavery experience.

Some camps were used for extermination only and had 99.9 percent fatality rates.

Chemlo and Treblinka.”

9. In old New Orleans.

“In the 18th century there was a socialite, Madame LaLaurie who lived in New Orleans.

She whipped her slaves, gouged their eyes out, and poked holes in their skulls, leaving maggots to infest the openings. She would also break the bones of her slaves and let them heal incorrectly to form weirdly shaped bodies. She was basically one of the worst m**derers in history.

She would also open the heads of her slaves and mix their brains around. Unfortunately she was able to escape her town and the slaves never got proper justice.”

10. Should’ve lied.

“In ancient Rome there was said to be a glass maker who invented a type of glass that was flexible and unbreakable. He demonstrated the properties to Emperor Tiberius Ceasar.

After demonstrating the properties of his invention Caesar (thoroughly impressed) asked if he was the only one who knew how to make it. The man replied yes and he was swiftly executed because Tiberius Caesar was afraid that the unbreakable glass would be worth more than gold.”

11. Yikes.

“There is a torture device from the olden days called “The Pear of Anguish” that was essentially the size of a large pear or a grenade that fit into a person’s mouth.

Your t**turer would then turn a mechanism on this device which would expand the “pear” in size. Needless and unfortunately to say, it would break/dislocate the persons jaw thus mutilating the person… if not ki**ing them in the end.”

12. Brutal.

“When Mongols occasionally decided to k**l the entire populations of cities, each mongol soldier was required to k**l a certain number of individuals and as proof he had to cut off their ears and present them to his commanding officer.

Also they sent troops back to the city several days later to kill the people who were hiding.”

13. Forgotten history.

“The Stone Rebellion in the early 18th century, was a slave rebellion with Africans k**ling whites in South Carolina heading to freedom in Spanish Florida.

They never got that freedom as angry whites chased them down and k**led them all, the heads of the slaves were used as mile markers all the way back to Charleston.”

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