13 People Talk About What They Like to Collect

What do you like to collect?

Okay, I’ll go first.

I like old movie posters, records, and Chicago Blackhawks memorabilia.

And when I was younger, I was all about baseball cards.

Hey, collecting stuff is a lot of fun!

And here’s what folks on AskReddit are into.

1. The Fab Four.

“I used to collect BEATLES memorabilia, and then I had kids.

Now I collect NERF darts in the yard before I mow.”

2. What’s cookin’?


I have way to many and I still sometimes find myself perusing bookstores for more every time I pass one.

3. Nerd alert!


Foreign knock-off Lego

Video games I never have time to play

Board games my family ignores


4. Awesome.

“Film cameras.

I started when I was 15 when my dad gave me his old Canon.

Since then I’ve slowly been adding them to a box in my spare room as I find them at garage sales and the occasional bargain on eBay.

They’re mostly display pieces because half of them don’t work but they are fun to play with.”

5. Vintage.

“Zippo lighters!

And the funny thing is I don’t even smoke, so the only one in my collection that is used gets rarely opened.”

6. Vroom vroom!

“Hot Wheels.

I’ve been collecting since I was 12 and now I’m in High School and still growing my collection.

People say that it’s childish of me to collect toy cars but I think they are pretty neat.”

7. A lot of cool ones out there.

“Enamel Pins!

I love how diverse a range there are these days, and lots of small artists make them too!”

8. That’s a lot of clubs.

“Membership cards

I’m a member of the Church of Satan, Satanic Temple, World Citizen, Universal Life Church, Be the Match (marrow donor), Libertarian Party, Republican National Committee, American Atheists, Sierra Club, Republican Presidential Task Force.

I sent a 20 dollar donation to each party and the Republicans and Libertarians actually sent me stuff. Democrats didn’t, really disappointed in that.

Still waiting for my Communist Party Card.”

9. Pens for days.

“A souvenir pen from a gift shop or a store at all the places I’ve been.

I’ve got a shoebox FULL of them.

It’s a cheap and fun way to remember places by.”

10. Trekkies.

“Star Trek books.

Have over a hundred now, probably.

And yes, I HAVE read a couple of them.”

11. That’s fun.

“The first, and probably the most pointless, is Funko Pops.

I collect one character from each series that had a huge influence on me growing up. So it’s a very “unique to me” set.

Also zombie DVDs.”

12. Seeing stars.

“Celebrity autographs.

There are a bunch of celebrities who will mail you an autograph if you write to them, and a whole online community of collectors who compare signatures to confirm what’s real vs. a print.

I haven’t tried for many lately but Lin Manuel Miranda did sign my local-production Hamilton ticket this year. Just had to mail it to him.

Plus it’s fun getting mail.”

13. Cool!

“Old books.

At a convention I got to hold a copy of The Theory of Relativity with Einstein’s signature in it.

I almost cried.”

What do you like to collect?

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