12 People Admit What They Want to Google but Don’t Because They’re Afraid of Being Put on a Watch List

Before the Internet became something that most people could access anytime they felt like it, there were certain topics that were taboo and shrouded in mystery.

But now you can research literally any subject every know to man if you are so inclined…but I think we all know there are some topics that could get you into trouble.

What do you want to Google but you’re afraid you might end up on a watch list?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Just wondering…

“How to k**l/ hide somebody and get away with it.

I’m never gonna do it but I’ve always wondered on how to properly do it without getting caught.”

2. Curious.

“”Do you let he**in cool down before injecting it?”

I don’t use, me and a friend started talking about weather or not you would after watching Breaking Bad.”

3. Bombs.

“I was thinking a out homemade bombs, how easy the supplies are to get, and how one might track purchases and people to try to prevent it.

I couldn’t figure out a way to search about it that wouldn’t make it seem like I was trying to avoid existing monitoring.”

4. I need answers!

“There are so many weirdly psychopathic questions you need answered while writing a story.

“How long would someone survive without a lung?”

“The best way to hide a body”.

“What does an exploding plane look like?”

5. Tricky.

“How to talk to young teen boys about s**.

I’m a dad…”

6. Doing research.

“”Enhanced interrogation techniques”

It’s for research I swear.”

7. You’re on the list!

“I’ve always been interested in nuclear technology and weapons…

I think you know where this leads.”

8. Whatever you say.

“”How to synthesize cyanide at home”

“How m**h is produced”

“Easiest way to k**l a man”

“How to get uranium”

Those are the ones that come to mind, surely there are plenty.

CIA/FBI/NSA please, I swear, I’m just a morbidly curious physics major.”

9. Creepy stuff.

“What exactly is the dark web, and how do you access it?

Pretty d**n sure I don’t actually want to go there, but it seems so mysterious.

I picture a market place like in Aladdin, but at night so it’s kinda spooky. “

10. Coke.

“How much is a kilo of c**aine these days?

Asking because I was watching a show and wanted to know the value, but didn’t feel like that was the best search.”

11. Uh oh.

“How much a human-like organism would weigh at 9-10 feet of height, and how much human flesh weighs in comparison to concrete.

Really specific world-building.”

12. Nerd alert!

“99% of the things I would ask during DnD.

“Are lungs considered a container?”

“How poisonous is oleander…?””

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