12 People Admit What They’re Most Jealous of the Opposite Gender For

When you think of the opposite gender, what makes you jealous about them?

Come on, there has to be something!

While you think about your answers, take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Fashion.

“Pretty much the outstanding amount of options of clothes they have. Like dresses and skirts and hats and shoes and whatnot.

For example, for formal ocations we men only have a suit and tie and that’s it’s and it’s boring and I H**E IT.”

2. Lucky for the guys.

“Being able to pee anywhere. My husband and I often walk long distances while traveling and inevitably will have to pee. He can just pop over to a deserted area and pee discretely.

The only time I’ve peed in public was in Tokyo. We missed the last train late one night and had to walk almost two hours home. Had to pee. Squat on the side of a street. Was terrified I’d end up in a Japanese jail.”

3. Emotional.

“Being allowed to express all of their emotions in otherwise completely acceptable and healthy ways.

Let me squeal with joy at kittens!”

4. Safety first.

“I would love to feel safe going anywhere alone.

I think about hiking solo with such a longing. My boyfriend doesn’t get it at all, he thinks I’m being silly.

It makes me so sad and angry.”

5. Not fair.

“The fact that it’s totally acceptable for a woman to be a “stay at home mom.”

However, if you’re a man and are a “stay at home dad” you’re a bum.”

6. Body issues.

“Guys don’t have to deal with the side effects of birth control (or just birth control in general).

The weight gain, hormonal issues, and other side effects can be a nightmare, especially if you’re just starting and trying to find what’s best for you.”

7. Shed no tears.

“They can cry during movies or TV shows and not get thought less of or made fun of.

Seriously, I get choked up at stupid stuff and have to try to hide it. Need to try to limit it to one manly tear.”

8. Social circles.

“Women seem to have more tightly knit social circles than men.

Like if a girl is struggling she knows that her friends will have her back and shower her with support.

Men just aren’t like that in my experience.”

9. Take me seriously!

“Generally speaking, having people take your problems seriously and being able to safely express that you’re having them rather than being told to “man up” and just deal with it.

You’d be shocked and horrified what kind of stuff men just shove in a box and mentally lock away and keep going like nothing is wrong.

Again, generally speaking. I recognize there’s a lot of women with a lot of problems, but people are generally more open to listening to them and taking it seriously, in my experience.”

10. Reality.

“Most leaders are probably your gender, just like most heroes in stories and movies as you grow up, most businessmen, most inventors, most politicians etc.

Plus there’s also the phsysical strength, no periods, rarely if at all being bothered by random creepy perverts, people comment less on your body.”

11. I feel pretty.

“I would say being pretty. Men are not considered pretty and people don’t compliment us so we live our whole lives being un-appreciated in that way.

This is just a generalization, but I’d say most men like me simply don’t get complimented and are not considered inherently valuable unless we do or accomplish some great thing.”

12. Support system.

“The support network.

When a woman is in trouble the resources at their fingertips in my country are immense. I remember trying to find low income apartments in university and there were multiple pages in a row of “female only” applicants online.

Scholarships and grants even though over 75% of my school was women, were often times only for women. If a woman is homeless? There are dedicated charities and they get preferential entry at homeless shelters. Addiction? Preferential entry to addiction centres. Commit a crime? More likely to get a more lenient sentence.

If a woman falls down, it seems like hands shoot out from everywhere to help. When I was unemployed and facing eviction I looked everywhere for help from the government to private charities and got nothing.”

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