What Are You Most Jealous of the Opposite Gender For? Here’s What People Said.

Even if people don’t really want to admit it, they are jealous of the opposite gender for at least some things.

And today we’re gonna get to the bottom of it!

AskReddit users went on the record and spoke up about this subject.

Take a look!

1. Painful.

“Not having periods.

Been dealing with extremely painful cramps the last two days and it’s the first thing I thought of.”

2. No problem for guys.

“Being able to pee practically anywhere.

I was out on a super long walk with my dog this morning and REALLY had to pee. We were in a wooded area near the river, didn’t see anyone nearby, and there is a railroad bridge there.

When down under the railroad bridge to an isolated corner and popped a squat. Just as I’m standing up a guy walks around the corner and just gives me a disgusted look before turning around.”

3. Strong enough?

“Being physically stronger and higher stamina.

I really like to work but I’m always told that I can’t handle it.”

4. Doesn’t seem fair.

“Not having people look at you suspiciously when you take your daughter to the park.

Don’t get me wrong– as a dude I appreciate that it takes incredibly little for me to be considered a “good dad” while for women it takes incredibly little for them to be considered a “bad mom”– I just wish that I didn’t literally have some random b**ch go up to my daughter and ask her if she felt safe while I was keeping an eye on her.”

5. Rough around the edges.

“Pretty clothes, pretty everything.

Pretty and soft. I do not know why men have to have rough clothes.”

6. Tow the line!

“Men: Don’t be insecure, be confident.

A guy: *Wears something that lets them stand out in their own way

Men: Not like that.”

7. Just wear one!

“Sun dresses in summer.

They look so cool and comfortable!”

8. Need a little love.

“The physical contact they share with their friends.

Guys usually don’t go around hugging each other.”

9. Keep it simple.

“The diversity of their wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that women’s fashion is often frustratingly inconvenient and unpractical.

That said, I wish men’s clothes can include more than 3 colors and like… 4 styles.”

10. A big one.


Actual f**king pockets in pants that hold more than a d**n quarter.”

11. Skin it up.

“Being able to go shirtless.

Not in most businesses obviously, but like outside or swimming, etc.”

12. It’s pretty glorious.

“Writing your own name in the snow with your pee.

And the ability to open jars with minimal effort.”

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