12 People Discuss the Current Trends They Want to Go Away

Are there some current trends that got you down in the dumps?

Ones that you can’t even believe people are excited about these days?

Well you’re not alone!

Because so do these AskReddit users!

Let’s see what they had to say about this.

1. Terrible.

“Demonizing education. Anytime somebody demonizes education they are only hurting society.

When you hear somebody refer to educated people as “elites” you can almost be assured that person has a political agenda, and its not likely a good one.”

2. I don’t get it.

“Overly ripped jeans.

I saw a girl at the mall wearing jeans that were 40% ripped.

The only thing being covered was the back.”

3. Gross.

“Having a mental illness.

I don’t know why this started but TikTok thinks it’s cute to promote people who have fake mental illnesses.

Which is so detrimental to people who actually have one.”

4. Not good.

“People romanticizing eating disorders.

It feels like we’re on 2016 tumblr again.

I’m currently in recovery but seeing all that stuff again online doesn’t help sometimes.”

5. Disgusting.

“Exploiting children with disabilities or ugly newborns for likes on Tik Tok.

And then make hundreds of videos fighting the people with rude comments.”

6. People can change.

“Excessive moral outrage over things people did in the past that weren’t great, but have already been addressed and remedied/apologized for.”

7. The worst.

“Reaction videos.

“Watch me watching this thing you were looking for, and pausing it every few seconds and looking at the camera like ‘whaaaat?’ “ With a big ol’ overdramatic reaction title card and maybe some emoji’s thrown in the mix. Doubly so if it’s a d**n spoiler to something.

I don’t argue that I’m probably out of the age bracket to have ever appreciated that kind of stuff, but dear gods if there was a filter in life to just disable that from any and all social-feeds of mine, I’d check that box.”

8. Back to basics.

“Clothes with unnecessary ruffles, zips, skin gaps, fake pockets, lace, mesh, velour, “gems” & whatever other random s**t they decide to stick on them

I just want decent basics.”

9. What is that?

“Septum piercing with the thing that looks like a black hair or worm coming out.


10. Tough out there.

“Ghosting and the current way the dating scene is structured.

It’s bad.”

11. Let’s hope it ends soon.

“The trend where being respectful is considered a weakness.

Place has a rule you don’t like? Just ignore it! If someone calls you on it, scream at them! They can’t tell you what to do, just because you are a guest at their place of employment and they are trying to do their jobs.


12. I want Ice Cube!

“The rap music where it sounds like a bunch of clicking. It’s irritating and it’s just the same music copied and reused with different lyrics by someone who sounds exactly the same.

It’s getting old.”

What current trends do you want to see go by the wayside?

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