12 People Discuss the Gender Double Standards That Bother Them

We all know that there are many, many differences between men and women, but some folks don’t recognize that there are also double standards that exist between genders.

And today we’re going to get the opinions of a bunch of people about this subject.

Check out what these folks had to say on AskReddit and let us know if you agree with them.

1. Hmmm…

“When cooking at home it’s “women’s work”, when cooking professionally all the sudden, it’s a man’s world?

How does that work?”

2. Mood swings.

“For women: That it’s almost always assumed too quickly that she’s on her period or pregnant when she has mood swings

For men: That they’re weak when they cry. Because they’re not, crying is normal.”

3. Can’t do that.

“In school, one of the girls was talking about how she grabbed a male classmate’s butt and it was considered “funny”.

Idk, but if the genders were reversed it would have been a scandal instead of gossip.”

4. Chores.

“This one is more cultural/based on my own experience – if a girl attempts traditionally male chores, it’s considered her job. If a boy attempts traditionally female chores, he is praised.

My mum praised one of my guy friends just yesterday for folding a towel after he’d used it, and all of our family friends went wild over the fact that my other guy friend cut up some beans for his mum to then cook.

Meanwhile my sister and I spent the entire weekend cleaning the pool, washing the car, assembling furniture, mowing the lawn, etc. and we hear nothing.”

5. Ridiculous.

“I can’t be alone around children ever without being treated like a monster.

Somebody called the cops on me because I took my niece to the beach last year.”

6. That’s bad.

“Domestic a**se.

Johnny Depp is the perfect example.

He’s a domestic a**se survivor, yet he’s lost jobs…

Amber heard is a domestic a**ser. Yet she’s kept her jobs with the same company that fired Johnny Depp…”

7. A couple of things.

“If a woman is assertive and confident about something, and is polite but not overtly friendly, she’s considered bossy or b**chy.

If a man does the same thing, he really knows what he’s talking about and is confident in his work. Why are women expected to be apologetic and overly friendly all the time?

In the other direction, that men can’t have certain hobbies without being called gay. Last time I checked things like painting or singing don’t involve genitals at all, but maybe I’m doing those activities wrong.”

8. True.

“Men being overlooked in the body-image issue department.

Boys can also have eating disorders and dysmorphia.”

9. Leadership.

“Femininity isn’t associated with leadership, so in order to be taken seriously in such a role, women often have to either act like men or rely on the good faith of their employees.

Being a leader involves fending off tons of people constantly trying to get under your skin, and having some perceived weight of authority is often your only armor against that.

It’s very hard to be in a leadership role if people expect a fundamentally different expression of authority from you.”

10. A big one.

“That men are be irresponsible, and reckless because “boys will be boys” (even when they’re men), but women have to be “grown up” since the age of 13 years old.”

11. Mechanical work.

“God forbid a woman know f**king anything that’s not viewed as traditionally feminine. Especially anything related to mechanical work and tooling.

I got sick of Allen wrenches getting lost at work so I stop by the store to just buy my own set. The guy at the register goes. “Your husband sent you in here instead of coming in?”

“These are for me.”

This guy looked genuinely shocked.


I mean I get my experience is anecdotal, but I hear it a lot from other woman. Going to the garage is a nightmare and I’ve had to just preempt people trying to talk to me like I’m a moron.

I just don’t get it. It’d be one thing if it was a few older guys. But just in general men don’t seem to take women at face value if they have knowledge pertaining to trade work and shit.

Meanwhile grown men don’t know how to change their tire and break into a cold sweat when someone asks them about something car related.”

12. I got this.

“I, a female, opened a bottle with a knife at my job in a bar and a guy told me “wow, that was a very masculine way to open a bottle”

I’m a bartender, I can open bottles with lots of different items.”

Are there gender double standards that bother you?

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