What Gender Double Standards Bother You? Here’s What People Said.

It’s a fact: gender double standards are everywhere.

And sometimes you have to dig a little deep to recognize them…

What gender double standards really bother you?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. I’m a parent, too.

“I’m a dad and when I’m alone with my son some people call it babysitting.

My wife isn’t the only parent.”

2. You can pay this time.

“Being judged when letting a woman pay for dinner.

I’ve had this happen so many times where the server will give me a disappointed look because my girl decided to pay, which is stupid.

Also the idea that men should always pay for dates is outdated and silly.”

3. I’ll figure it out.

“Being talked down to by the oil change guy.

I’m pretty handy but was blown off for being a woman.

At least YouTube videos are around.”

4. That’s odd…

“As a dad: hardly any children’s books even have a dad character and when they do he’s usually incompetent or played for laughs.

The vast majority of children’s books that have a parent as a main character feature a mom.”

5. Mind your own business.

“My wife can be affectionate to our boys in public but if I do the same with our daughter I get weird looks.

However I do love how it’s now okay to still hold my 8yr olds son’s hand… but not my 12yr old daughter.”

6. Kiss the cook.


People still give me (M) weird looks when I tell them I do all the cooking at home. People still seem to hold on to the belief that women cook at home…yet the world of fine dining kitchens is a man’s world.

I’ll never understand.”

7. Good point.

“When only the ladies room has a diaper changing station.

Dads need to change babies too and the floor of the men’s room is not the ideal place.”

8. Come on!

“Household chore ads on TV.

The dad is always too dumb to know what to do and the mom is always there with the solution (product). It’s an awful image for both dads and moms!

Why isn’t dad using the new fabric softener or floor cleaner? Why isn’t the mom out buying the products on her way back home from her office job?”

9. I love kids!

“As a man, I’d love to be able to babysit kids or even tell someone how cute their kid is without fear of people thinking I’m a weirdo. I have 3 kids.

Kids are the bomb! I would love to open a daycare and provide a safe environment for peoples kids but the stigma and all that is still a preventative aspect.”

10. Ouch!

“That skirts/kilts etc are better designed for guys but we get stuck with pants that just crush our junk.”

11. Go for it!

“You know, I think I could have played with dolls if there were dolls in the house. It seems like fun to me.

It doesn’t seem like a gender thing. I think I would like to play with dolls.”

12. A tough one.

“I just h**e that men are expected to initiate everything, consider everything, make the first move always.

Sometimes I would like to be asked how my day is going as well.”

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