12 People Discuss Things That They Think Are Incorrectly Perceived as Signs of Low Intelligence

A lot of people out there have very strong ideas about what they think are signs of low intelligence in another person…

And a lot of times they’re just PLAIN WRONG.

Take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Exactly!

“Asking questions.

How are people supposed to learn if they aren’t allowed to ask and expect the correct answer?”

2. Good point.

“Skilled jobs can be highly stressful, someone might choose a lower skilled job for the sake of their mental health, not because they’re incapable of doing something harder.”

3. Amen to that!

“Changing one’s opinion or position on a topic or idea because of new information is the most intelligent and mature way to approach things.”

4. No big deal.

“Stuttering/stumbling over words.

Being inarticulate doesn’t mean someone is stupid; unfortunately it can come across that way.”

5. Nothing wrong with that.

“Humility to openly admit you don’t know something or enough about something is seen that way for some dumb reason.”

6. Can’t help it.

“People acting like I’m dumb because I didn’t hear them and have to ask them to repeat themselves.

I have hearing loss. How does that make me dumb?”

7. Yup.


Worked a retail-type job with a guy who was from Iran. The way he spoke, you could definitely tell English was not his first language.

When he quit, it was because he was going off to pursue a doctorate in computer science.”

8. Now THAT is dumb.


I’ve known many super intelligent people who were assumed to be stupid and treated badly.”

9. A tough one.

“Low self-esteem.

People who don’t believe in themselves, have a tough time finding others who do. But just because someone doesn’t believe in themselves doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

It could mean that they have undeveloped talents, never grew up with encouraging people around them or been putting their skills in the wrong direction. People tend to perceive others the way they perceive themselves.”

10. A common problem.


I’m studying to be a special education teacher and I suggested that a dyslexic classmate listen to audiobooks since he struggles with reading.

He now reads one book a day and he is VERY well read and an expert in the classics.”

11. Nice and slow.

“Speaking slowly.

Some of the smartest people I know talk very very slowly.”

12. It’s a good thing!

“Asking a lot of questions.

Also, many people love to think that they appreciate people who ask questions, but most all of them quickly turn into frustrated, impatient d**ks after about two questions and start becoming short with the questioner OR they get defensive because they realize they don’t have all the answers and feel personally attacked.”

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