12 People Explain What It’s Like to Be Transgender

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There is a lot to be said for feeling comfortable in your own skin.

History is filled with people who didn’t, and suffered for it.

But there have also been a great many people, and probably more than we know, who “passed” unnoticed, as the gender they identified with.

A famous example was 19th century Irish surgeon James Barry, renowned in his day, and serving the British military in the rank of Inspector General before he died.

It was only after he died and was being prepared for burial that people discovered the truth.

It’s a difficult thing. No one should have to announce who they are, but no one should have to hide themselves either.

Like James Barry, these 12 transgender people are hiding in plain sight.

1. It’s no one’s business but yours

But it can’t be easy to hide a part of yourself from the people who are close to you.

I'm trans and have transitioned, but no one knows. I'm worried to hurt closest friends by telling them that I've lied to them all this time.

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2. Feeling safe is so important

No one likes to be talked about. But people love to talk.

A person came out as trans where I work and everyone is talking about it. No one knows I'm trans too because I pass so well. I feel so lucky.

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3. Some people just want to feel seen

But, just like society has become more accepting of the gay community,
someday maybe the “stealth thing” won’t feel needed.

No one knows or suspects I'm trans. I'm fairly open and nonchalant about being gay, or most people know and assume I am. But not a single person ever questions if I am trans. This stealth thing is hard.

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4. Imagine having to navigate romantic relationships

Do you just put it out there? Bring it up on the first date?

Being trans is hard when no one knows you're trans, you're trying to find a relationship and you have to deal with college all at the same time. FML.

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5. Restrooms are stressful even without bathroom bills

Even CIS people hate public restrooms.
Imagine what it must be like for the transgender community.

I hate public restrooms. I feel so out of place. I'm trans, but no one knows because my family is a super strict Christian family and would disown me and throw me out.

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6. For some, stealth is fine

As long as you can live your best life as yourself, I say go for it.

10 years ago, Ithought I had to just suck it up and live as a man. Now, with no makeup, no surgeries, and even in t-shirt and jeans, no one knows I'm trans. I like being stealth.

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7. It can weigh heavily on your mental health

Whether because you’re keeping a secret, or because you’re not living as your true self.

I'm a closeted trans woman. I have depression and anxiety becasue of it. I'm suicidal on some days, but no one knows any of this andthat just hurts me more.

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8. It’s such a difficult decision to make

You never know how people will react. And you can’t take it back.

Part of me says, 'F**k it! I don't care if anyone knows I'm trans' and the other part of me says 'makesure no one knows you exist.' I'm still in the closet.

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9. Sometimes you get lucky

Especially if your aesthetic fits your form.

I was born male, and I'm trans. But no one knows because I'm a very butchy girl.

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10. It can be a long journey

Sometimes the hardest person to come out to, is yourself.

I've been slowly coming to the realization that I'm trans over the past month or so. I'm happy inthe sense that I know why I feel the way I do. However, no one knows and I don't even know how to bring it up.

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11. It’s good to know who you are and what you want

The next step is figuring out how to get it.

Seeing the cutest dress at the mall and not being able to get it because no one knows you're trans...

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12. So buy the dress, because the second step seems to be Halloween

What better time to be yourself?

No one knows I'm trans in any of my classes so i'm going to cross-dress for Halloween as an excuse to go out in a dress. I want that free candy though LOL.

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These posts really show the different sides of being transgender.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments.