12 People Explain Why They Chose Sterilization

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Maybe it’s because it flies in the face of evolution, but people tend to be shocked when others don’t want kids.

They assume you’ll grow out of it or change your mind, but for some, the desire to remain childless is as strong as others’ biological urge to procreate.

These 12 people express their feelings about living a child-free life.

1. Pets are better than kids

Except that you can’t really send them to their rooms.

I got a vasectomy and my wife got her tubes tied. We would rather have pets than kids.

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2. Bodily autonomy can be a powerful drug

That’s when you know you’ve made the right decision.

I got my tubes tied a couple months ago. Doctors said I was going to be depressed but I have never been this happy about anything.

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3. Double win, really

Especially when it’s your choice and not the slow march of time.

I had a hysterectomy a month ago. It was liberating to throw away all my tampons today.

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4. It really is hard for people to believe

And it’s easier if they think it’s not a choice.

I cannot have children and people always express sympathy when I tell them. I never bother to clarify that I had myself sterilized.

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5. Lots of people feel the need to keep it secret

No reason to upset the folks. They’ll figure it out eventually.

Got a vasectomy yesterday. Definitely not going to tell parents they're not getting grandkids.

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6. Some secrets are more concerning than others

I guess she’ll figure it out eventually too…

I had a vasetomy 2 years ago. My wife has no idea. She wants more children, and I think 1 was enough.

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7. It’s a great alternative to oral contraception

More effective too.

I just got my appointment for tubal ligation (tubes tied) next Friday. I'm 26 and I never want kids. I'm so excited for my child-free life with no medication!

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8. Definitely cheaper than a lifetime of birth control, too

1 box of condoms is about $7. Pays for itself in no time.

My vasectomy was the best $15, (the consult was $15, the procedure itself was FREE under insurance), I've ever spent. #nokidding.

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9. And there’s so much less worry

In that respect, you could say it pays for itself every month.

Best part of having my tubes tied? You don't freak out as much over late periods.

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10. Of course there are other ways of looking at it

That’s definitely one of them.

The best part of having my tubes tied and having an ablation? Cheating won't end in a positive pregnancy test!!

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11. Some people can’t accept that it’s what you want

As though it affects them somehow.

When I told people I was getting a hysterectomy for some reason they got really mad. Why would MY choice make you mad?

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12. And usually they don’t trust you to know your own mind

It’s the lucky few who are listened to.

One good thing that happened to me in 2016: I got my tubes tied. Everyone told me a doctor wouldn't do it until I was 35. Kiss my a**, I got it done at 23! :D

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Those reasons all make a lot of sense to me. Do you think they made the right choices? Tell us in the comments.