12 People Get Real About How Smart They Think They Are

You really think you’re smarter than everyone else, don’t you…?

Whoops, sorry! I didn’t mean to put you on the spot!

What I meant to say was, you seem like a lovely human being and we’d all like to know how smart you really think you are…

There, that’s better.

Now, while you think about your answer, take a look at how AskReddit users answered that question.

1. Feeling foggy.

“I feel foggier now that I’ve gotten older.

I can still visualize people or concepts, but forget what you call them. The name eludes me…”

2. It depends…

“People say that I am smart, because I know interesting facts and can talk about wide variety of topics

People who actually know me are very aware of that I am f**king dumba** who once needed two minutes to figure out how to turn on a kettle.”

3. Be afraid…

“I got a 125 on that test, so supposedly I’m in the top 5%.

Which either means the test is wildly off, or humanity needs to be very afraid…”

4. Gotta put in the effort.

“If standardized tests can be believed (SAT, ACT, GMAT, ASVAB), I’m very near the top…

But I’m very very lazy when it comes to things that don’t interest me. Which, unfortunately, is a lot of things.

Intelligence without effort is absolutely, 100% worthless.”

5. Perfectly average.


IQ tests give me something around 100. My analytical and linguistic skill is a bit higher and I have great imagination and social skills. My mathematical reasoning is below average.

So, don’t hire me as your accountant but as your diplomat and mediator.”

6. Ouch!

“My IQ test booted out a 129 but in the same hour I stubbed my toe in the same place about 4 times.”

7. Just being honest.

“To be honest, I’m dumb. Always have been, always will be.

But at least I’m learning…”

8. Dumb AF.

“When I was younger I was smart, according to various tests I took. I h**ed it.

I wanted to fit in and felt that being smart was alienating me. So I started killing brain cells and turning away from it as much as possible.

Now? Dumb as f**k, permafried, and doing everything I can to make sure my kids, who are way smarter than I ever thought I was, don’t do the same.”

9. Well…

“I sound extremely stupid when I speak, stuttering, words all over the place etc. but if I am able to find the right words I can sound really intelligent.”

10. Play to your strengths.

“I think I’m intelligent because I’ve convinced myself to define intelligence in a way that prioritizes my strengths.

As far as I’m concerned, what does it mean to be intelligent.

It means having the gifts that I personally have, and the areas of the mind where I am weaker don’t count for as much…at least according to me.”

11. Sounds okay.

“Smart enough to recognize what I don’t know.

I’m also smart enough to do something about it if I need to.”

12. Below average.

“I have a BS in Physics, graduate degree in engineering, and have risen to very high levels in my company quickly.

With all that, I believe I am below average intelligence across the whole spectrum of knowledge.

Sure, I know the obscurities of my expertise, and how to pick the right coat tails to ride, but beyond that, I’m an idiot.”

How smart do you think you are?

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