12 People Talk About What They Think We Can All Agree On

Hmmm, this is a tough one…

It seems like all we see on TV and on social media is how divided we all are and how far apart everyone seems to be on serious issues.

But there’s gotta be some common ground out there, right?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about what they think ALL of us can agree on.

Let’s take a look.

1. Life is weird.

“Existence is so weird.

Nobody knows what the f**k is going on or what reality even is but we’re all just here for a bit regardless.”

2. Probably right.

“We all want what we think is best for the world, however that quickly falls apart when we get into the how’s, and what’s and why’s of it.

Some people think what’s best is a world with ho**phobia and r**ism and misogyny, others think it’s best with equality and happiness between everyone.

We all want to be content, we just can’t agree on how.”

3. Yes.

“I think we can all agree that we live in a cr**py version of “The Truman Show” and it needs to stop.”

4. No!

“Biting into something soft and feeling it unexpectedly crunch is one of the worst feelings ever.”

5. Now I’m hungry.

“Oreos are very good.

If you don’t think this, you are unable to have them due to allergies.”

6. That would be nice.

“Everyone who is sick or injured wants to get better.

This is why I think we need socialized healthcare.”

7. Bad news.

“We need oxygen to breathe, and that it’s pretty terrible that more and more trees are being cut down, and that companies are polluting the air.”

8. A wild trip.

“None of us expected our life to play out like this, no one warned us that it would (or if they did they didn’t do a good enough job) and we’re not always sure how we feel about how it did.”

9. Sadly…


There are so many different perspectives that people have in this world.

No one will agree on the same thing because there will always be someone that disagrees.”

10. Worldwide.

“Dumplings are delicious.

Almost every culture has some form of dumplings.”

11. A treasure.

“You can’t h**e Keanu Reeves.

Everyone likes him.”

12. Agreed.

“It doesn’t matter what race or background someone is from, there are good honest folk, and there are sh**bags no matter where you go.”

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