12 People Get Real About When They Realized Their Friends Were Total Jerks

I had an old friend who shall remain nameless and he was, well…a total a**hole!

And it took me a few years to figure it out, but once it reached a breaking point with him, I just decided I couldn’t be friends with him anymore…

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

When did you realize your friends were total jerks?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. That’s bad.

“When I told my friend I was completely in love with this girl and also told him that I’ve been battling depression for 2 years as well as thinking about k**ling myself.

Then found out that not even 2 weeks after I told him all this he starting hooking up with the girl and then would brag and talk about her in front of me as if he had no idea about how I felt.”

2. What a jerk.

“When we went on a trip to America and a day before coming home he mentioned that he only could afford a one way trip so could we help him pay for his return flight.

This was back in the early 2000s when flights were only around £400.

He’s the guy who’ll organize a meal knowing he can’t afford it. He only gets away with it because he’s funny.”

3. Dangerous.

“They did a donut in the car I was sitting on. ON, NOT IN.

I had a lump on my eyebrow the size of a lemon.

F**k you Barbara.”

4. Gone.

“I stopped texting everyone all at the same time, I never heard from any of them again.”

5. Time to go.

“When I started to actually show how horrible my mental health was. I was expected to be the “clown friend” in a friend group.

Meaning I should always be joking and happy even in serious times and playing dumb. It’s not how I wanted to be known but it seemed like it was the only way for me to make friends. The pressure of this, plus other things I was dealing with became too much for me to handle so I started taking about how I was feeling and how I was starting to have an identity crisis.

Since I stopped playing dumb and being obnoxious I became “too boring” to hang out with. I had a few who stuck around and eventually the few and I became more open to each other about mental health.”

6. Nope.

“When they kept saying they couldn’t hang out then would post about going bowling together or to the movies.

We didn’t stay friends long after that.”

7. Jealous.

“When she threw our 10 year friendship away because she was jealous of the attention I was getting from a guy that I wasn’t even interested in to begin with.”

8. The worst.

“When they ganged up on one of them over her changed behaviour due to her depression.

She had been very happy-go-lucky, but fell into a deep depression and completely changed.

Teenage girls are the worst.”

9. Selfish.

“My grandma, who lived over 1000 miles and an ocean away, was d**ng and she wouldn’t stop talking about her new boyfriend.”

10. Gross.

“Had been friends with this dude like 2 years, shared a common hobby of playing guitar and we used to jam a lot.

One time we met up and he started to brag to me that he had just cheated on his girlfriend with her niece, I mean dude was proud over it like “woohooo I just got laid”.

I lost all respect for him in that moment and slowly started to talk less and less with him so eventually he wouldnt bother to make contact again.”

11. I need help.

“Friends called me every time for help.

Help at home, garden work, computer, getting them to / from the airport, and more. The moment I needed help all of them let me down. They always have had excuses and reasons why they can’t help me now but next time.

Cut all contacts. Never heard again from them. Declined to help any more. This is not a real friendship. Usually they just wanted to hang out to drink and get wasted.”

12. That’s it.

“When she didnt show up to a party that was organized for her.

There were many other things but this was the last straw.”

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