When Did You Realize Your Friends Were Jerks? Here’s What People Said.

I have a solid set of friends that I’ve accumulated over the years and they’re all different and really great.

But, as we all do, I’ve had to dump a few folks along the way for various reasons…mostly because they were jerks!

When did you realize your friends were jerks?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. New friends!

“When I started hanging out with better people.

Amazing how that works.

First time hanging out with new people, a bunch of us were in a circle chatting. I’m soft spoken, and when i accidentally got talked over, i just accepted it as always, was very used to it.

Someone in this group actually stopped them, said “hold on, what were you saying jenamac?”, and the other person even apologized. It was mind blowing being heard and seen like that, and put a lot into perspective.”

2. No more booze.

“When I quit drinking ‘cos it was k**ling me.

There were people I literally saw every single day who just disappeared as if by magic.

12 years ago this week, as it happens.”

3. This is new…

“After I realized that other people don’t s**t on each other on every possible occasion in their circle.

And that it isn’t right when a “friend” uses every known insecurity as an argument against you when you do not behave the way he/she would want you to.”

4. Jerk.

“I let my friend borrow my PS2 when I went to boot camp.

When I came back, he said he sold it and gave me $50 I think?

This was in 2006.”

5. What a guy!

“When he propositioned my girlfriend to have s** with him under the guise of making sure she was being faithful to me.”

6. One-sided.

“They only bothered with me when it suited them.

I’d rather have nobody than have to deal with that.”

7. Lose my number.

“2006 my then best friend wanted to go to a big German metal festival. I did not want to go because my Dad had endstage cancer.

Dad d**d August 8th, couple of days after friend returned from the festival and I called him because I needed someone to talk. He very bluntly stated that he had no interest in my Dad’s passing but wanted to tell me how great the festival was.

You can’t imagine how disappointed I was. For years I’ve been there for him whenever he got dumped and the one time I needed a friend he wasn’t there for me. Told him to shut my door from the outside and lose my number…”

8. That’ll do it.

“When I made new friends and realized that it’s not normal for friends to constantly beat on me and make fun of me.”

9. Oh my…

“When he didn’t invite me or even tell me about his wedding but called on the wedding day and asked me to lend him $1,000 because he was in a tight spot.”

10. A**hole.

“When we were driving, he purposely tried to run over some ducks. The first time I saw him swerve at a turtle I thought that I hadn’t just seen that and thought that I was wrong in what I saw.

When we got to his house ( we ran to the store for some more chips and rolls for a cook out) told the wife we had to go. His wife called later to see if everyone was ok, and my wife shared with her what had happened. To which she replied” it’s just freaking birds”. I’m polite but not friendly to he and she now.”

 11. Definitely not good friends.

“When I almost d**d in the hospital.

People I thought were good friends never visited or called, and people who I wasn’t very close with came to visit me.”

12. Done.

“When they cut my out all of the sudden.

I had been friends with these guys for 10 years then one day they all up and left blocked me on everything.

I have been questioning if I am a horrible person.”

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