13 People Share What Makes Them Immediately Think Less of Someone

What really grinds your gears and makes you immediately think less of someone?

Go ahead and think about it for a minute…take your time…

And while you ponder your answers, see how AskReddit users responded to this question.

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1. Liars.

“People who constantly lie.

If you don’t have the ability to reach into the back of your mind where the truth lies and say it out loud to yourself and others, then I’m going to think you’re weak minded.”

2. Hard to avoid these days.

“When they’re looking at their phones, not paying any attention to you when you’re trying to have a conversation with them.”

3. For real.

“Doubling down on ignorance when confronted with facts.

They are presented with reality, an opportunity to learn, and instead choose the almost more difficult path of remaining stupid.”

4. Why don’t you try it?


A past manager used to give me lectures about how if I just “think more positively” then my entire world would change.

And then she would turn right around and tell her then-toddler to “sit the f**k down” and the 5 year old to “get the f**k back in the truck”.”

5. Don’t be a d**k.

“Being rude to people for no reason (sometimes even with reason).

There’s just so many different ways to handle situations that have better outcomes.”

6. Right on the money.

“Littering, mean to animals, or rude to service workers.

Honorable mention, video chats or speaker phone conversations in public.”

7. Didn’t need to hear that.

“Unwanted advise or criticism.

If I need someone’s opinion on something in my life, I’ll ask for it.

Judging other people’s life and trying to give advice on how to make it more like they would consider good is super annoying.”

8. Time to look in the mirror.

“Anyone who says anything along the lines of “bad things only happen to me”.

Usually these people are their own problems that almost never hold themselves accountable for the issues they put themselves in.”

9. Yes.

“They base their ENTIRE life around a celebrity, band or zodiac sign.

You can’t have a small conversation with that person without them mentioning that thing.”

10. Look at me!

“People who post online about doing “random acts of kindness” or video themselves doing a charitable act.”

11. Go ahead and turn off your brain.

“Childish attitudes around people not liking art and entertainment, including (but not limited to) telling people that they should “turn their brain off” to enjoy something, implying that people who like music reviews can’t form their own opinions, and instantly assuming unpopular opinions are attempts to be contrarian.”

12. Red flag.

“When someone makes a mistake and tries to blame others.

That’s a huge red flag.

Also, just blaming others in general, rather than owning up to your flaws.”

13. Definitely.

“When they gossip about other peoples lives with you.

Means they do the same with others and talk s**t about you.”

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