12 People Share Stories About the Most Evil Things They’ve Ever Seen

If you read too much about true crime (which I d0), you can get a little bit paranoid.

But, on the flip side, it can also make you realize that you have to keep your guard up and keep your eyes open when you’re out on the street.

Take a look at what AskReddit users said are the most evil things they’ve ever witnessed.

1. Two stories.

“I spent 8 years as an EMT. Two come immediately to mind, and though I think it was more fear than evil, evil still existed.

The first was a guy and his wife d**nk driving and running from the cops in their truck. They crashed into a tree, and the guy ran, leaving his wife trapped in a burning vehicle. When she was extracted, she wasn’t burned, but her right foot was being held on by about three inches of skin and tendon.

The second involved a special needs child who was left unsupervised in his living room, and started having difficulty breathing. His parents, who had went to bed and left this 11-year old kid by himself, waited a few hours to call 911. As we were working on him with CPR and IVs and such, his parents woke the rest of their kids up so they could watch us try to save his life.

We weren’t successful. After we got to the hospital, the parents showed up about an hour later, never looked at the body or said goodbye, and left. They apparently told the doctor to take care of the body, and never had a funeral or anything for him.”

2. Scumbags.

“I am a vet tech and I work at an adoption agency, and we offer low cost euthanasia for very sick animals.

This couple brought in a dog that looked very old, so we assumed that it had cancer or was in heart or kidney failure and that’s why they wanted to put her down. The next words out of their mouth had every staff member in a fury for the rest of the day.

“We’re going on vacation, and she smells really bad. We don’t really want her anymore, so we’re putting her down.” No remorse, no emotional at all, as if we were talking about just boarding her for the weekend.

We took the dog and told them off, they’re now placed on our blacklist for adopters, and adopted the very sweet elderly dog to a very sweet lady. The dog lived for another four years.”

3. Horrible.

“I watched a guy get stabbed to d**th for being a Good Samaritan.

Some little dude was getting his a** beat really badly by some other guy — to the point he couldn’t even really defend himself — and this giant of a man stepped in to break up the fight.

While the Good Samaritan’s was yelling at the guy that was winning to back off and had his back was turned, the little guy that was getting his a**beaten hopped up off the ground, stabbed him twice and k**led him.

It hurts me to this day knowing that man was trying to help someone that clearly couldn’t help themselves, and was murdered by the same person he was helping.

One question I wish I could have him answer: Why stab the guy HELPING you and not the guy that was just beating the s**t out of you? F**k him and the judge the thought 6 years was an appropriate sentence.”

4. Mexico.

“Half mexican here, visiting family in Tamaulipas, Mexico every summer from 1998-2005.

I’ve seen heads on the street, d**d bodies, bodies hanging from the highway, Mexican Marines extorting my grandma while getting into mexico.

I was 8-15 years old through that time, we stopped going.”

5. Messed up.

“Facebook page dedicated to the guy who murdered my boyfriends son. A bunch of his high school friends saying he would never do something like that. He went to prison and was released 8 or 9 years later.

Our justice system is completely broken. People who defend child murderers because they bummed them a smoke at a party once are the worst kind of evil.”

6. Turned her back on you.

“After finally telling my mom that the pastor had been molesting me for a year, the first thing she said was ‘did you do anything to tempt him?’

I had just turned 13, he was 43. I might have k**led her with my bare hands if grandma, who I told first, hadn’t held me back. Attempting to blame a preteen for her own s**ual a**ault is evil and can thank a lifetime of religious misogyny, also pure evil, for my mom doing this.”

7. Evil.

“My ex mother-in-law telling the police I coerced, a**sed, t**tured and s**ually a**aulted my ex wife and daughter and on the night of those accusations my parents apparently kidnapped my daughter and held her “hostage”.

Fast forward a year I’m divorced and won custody.”

8. Never forget.

“I lived in the ghetto. We’re talking 2 hours before you get a cop car and don’t bother asking for an ambulance because it’s never ever coming level ghetto.

A neighbors son got stabbed by a gang member one night, he d**d in her arms. I’m never forget the screams”

9. Why would someone do this?

“Our neighbor threw rat poison over our fence when we were younger and k**led one of my dogs and almost k**led the other two.”

10. On your own.

“My 16th Birthday present.

I was coming home from school at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I opened the front door, my “Mother” was sitting on the bottom steps waiting for me with black bags full of clothes.

She stood up, looked me in the eye, threw the bags past me out the door and said “I don’t care where you go. I don’t care what happens to you, just get the f**k out of my house”.

The reason she did this? She could no longer claim benefits on me as I was choosing to work instead of going into higher/further education.


11. The health care system.

“I worked home care for a few years.

Watching my severely disabled patient’s elderly parents fall to the ground sobbing because insurance decided to stop paying for their son’s care. They took his nurses first because both of his parents (despite being disabled themselves) previously worked in healthcare. Then they cut the tech hours to just a few hours a week.

This patient could not walk, talk, feed himself, or use the bathroom on his own. He also had a heart defect that needed regular checking. His parents worked their whole lives. They paid taxes and did things the right way. Listening to the defeat in their voices was a sound I’ll never forget. F**k the US health system.”

12. Cruel.

“Saw a puppy dumped out of a moving van at night when it was freezing rain and about 10 degrees.

Luckily I was able to get the puppy and find him a home.

Still blows my mind that someone could be so cruel.”

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