12 People Share Stories About the Worst Folks Their Friends and Family Members Ever Dated

Did your mom or dad ever date or someone else you know date someone that you really couldn’t stand?

Someone who was a jerk or an idiot or maybe just a bad person?

That sucks!

But if you’ve been there, these stories from AskReddit users will let you know that you’re not alone.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Whoa.

“My brother.

She didn’t want him to be attractive to other women so she made him shave his head. She told him if he ever left her, she would become a p**stitute.

After my dad went and rescued him, she harassed everyone who had a remote connection to him for years. He’s remarried and happy now.”

2. Classy guy.

“My ex brother-in-law introduced her to K2, m**h, kidnapped her, and attacked her in front of his family.

Police were friends with him and claimed it’s not illegal to kidnap your spouse.

Then he stalked us.”

3. Good Lord.

“My little sister dated a guy who kept trying to convince her to drop out of college and move into his parents’ basement with him. She found him poking holes in condoms and STILL didn’t break up with him.

It wasn’t until he got his third DUI and struck a young child with his car (miraculously the child was ok) that she began to accept that maybe, just MAYBE, he would never change.”

4. Good riddance.

“My sister. Her ex told her that he had been a drug addict, but was clean now.

Then one night he told her that he and his friends were going to do c**aine and really wanted her to do it with him. She of course said no and begged him not to do it. They got in a huge fight and he drove off.

The next day he showed up high at their apartment and told her it was her fault. He said that because she had fought with him about him doing c**aine, she forced him to do c**aine. Unfortunately, she didn’t break up with him after this, but he dumped her a few months later.”

5. Disappointed.

“My daughter started dating him in high school. He immediately started separating her from her friends. Get this, one of her friends is quite buxom, and her told her she could not hang out with her because if that.

He worked hard to separate her from family and friends. During her first year of college she ended up pregnant. He joined the Navy, and they left home. He began drinking and became verbally a**sive.

After getting kicked out of the Navy, they came home and my husband helped get him a job. Then another child was born. The drinking continued and the he started on m**h and the v**lence began. She would deny the a**se and stayed with him and had another child.

Finally, she left him. Then the next loser was also an addict and they had a child. Again v**lence.

CPS took the children due to drugs and a**se. So I had four kids. I kept them for a year and a half and she regained custody.

That lasted three months, and she lost custody again. We split the kids with other family due to my health issues. I am raising the oldest two.

Now there is a new guy and a new baby. Yes that makes five.

I love my daughter dearly but I’m disappointed in her.”

6. Destroyed her life.

“My step daughter started dating a guy when she was 15. Hiding the relationship as only a friendship.

Once they started dating officially he started controlling her every move. He didn’t drive or work but she did both. The car was a car her mother and I gave her that was ours. He started driving it and all that s**t. He got her strung out on drugs and was a**sive to her already weak mental health.

He would break her down constantly and make her feel worthless. They would rent motel rooms to sell drugs and who knows what else out of. Her father and my wife would never just out their foot down on anything and me being a step parent was not listened to as I feel like I should have been. This s**t continued until 5 months before her 18th birthday when we caught them red handed. I took the car away and made it disappear.

He was arrested and spent a few months in jail for a s**t ton of drugs real and dealing stuff with two of his friends. Before she turned 18, like two months before she had a real huge mental breakdown while at therapy and they thought she was going to self harm. I told her father and her mother and grandparents that she needed to get into a facility for treatment and it was important that they do that before she turned 18. It didn’t happen.

She turned 18 and moved to a different state to live with him and that is the situation now. It is f**king real sad how this motherf**ker ruined her life by destroying her ambition and self confidence.”

7. Manipulative.

“My younger brother’s first real long term girlfriend was really manipulative, and I used to encourage him to break it off, which caused some fights between us.

She was possessive, controlling, and used her own mental illness and trauma as a way to guilt him. She ended up cheating on him with one of his close friends and got pregnant. As awful as she was, I’m so grateful that she was at least honest about the kid not being his right off the bat.

My brother was still pretty broken up by it, but our whole family was so glad when it was over.”

8. Creep.

“Sister dated a guy for two years before he was caught filming another woman in the restroom at his work.

Nice and creepy.”

9. The worst.

“My sister-in-law is MARRIED to one of the worst people I have ever met. The guy is such an utter a**hole.

He’ll gaslights the s**t out of her and talk down to her so much that I feel so sorry for her. However, whenever anyone slightly mentions his behavior to her, she’ll get really defensive.

He refuses to spend time with her family, but when he is around he’ll pick fights/ argue with the dad because he thinks it’s funny. He’ll also pick fights with strangers and when we ask why he does that, she’ll just say, “He can handle himself.”

I think because I’ve grown up with a sister and have already dealt with s**t boyfriends, this situation enraged me to my core.”

10. Sleaze bags.

“My older sister dated every sleaze in the book.

But the one she was craziest about convinced her they should have a joint bank account then proceeded to steal almost a year’s worth of salary from her account.

Apparently he was doing this to around three other girls at the same time.”

11. Awful.

“A friend of my wife’s daughter had an a**sive drug-addled boyfriend who introduced her to drugs, serially a**sed her, then k**led her and himself with a knife in front of a bunch of people and police in Seattle.”

12. That sucks.

“My daughter is still dating the worst one EVER! Although, he’s never cheated on her…no, no, no. He has “morals.”

He ALWAYS breaks up with her before he cheats…then he comes crawling back, begging for forgiveness. What does my daughter do? Turns a blind eye, forgives him and forgets he slept with someone else…that is until the NEXT time he does it. I give up.

I’ve tried talking sense into her but it goes in one ear and out the other.”

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