Who’s the Worst Person Someone You Know Ever Dated? People Shared Their Stories.

I’m one of the lucky ones: my parents are still together so I never had to deal with my mom or dad dating different people.

But I’ve had friends who went through that and some of them had some not-so-great experiences.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users who got real about their friends and families going through terrible dating partners.

1. Horrible.

“There have been two, each worse than the last.

First one was manipulative as hell, treated him like s**t and cheated on him. 3 breakups despite us telling him not to be a doormat and this wasn’t how a relationship should be but luckily the cheating was the deal breaker. Next one went bats**t crazy after he broke up with her.

1000’s of messages and calls and he had to get a no contact order against her and have her charged. She then threatened to report him for a**ault in retaliation. She did it and two detectives showed up at my door. Luckily she was dumb enough to admit in text her plan and acknowledged that he never a**aulted her when he told her to go ahead because he hadn’t done anything.

She also put in writing that she was hurting herself to give bruises and scratches. We were all in lockdown so neither of them had left the house for 7 weeks making it impossible for him to have done it. She wasn’t very smart.

Worst two weeks of our lives waiting for the results of that investigation. He is taking a break from dating now. He sure can pick them.”

2. Yikes.

“I once had to put hidden cameras in my room because things were going missing or being moved when I was out. Stuff like money, keepsakes etc.

I thought I was paranoid until I played back the tape and saw my step Mother and her sister going through my stuff and pocketing things.”

3. Ugh.

“Adam was a piece of s**t and we knew it from the moment we met him.

He constantly told us how mature he was, for being a whole 2 years older than our daughter. We’re actually adults, son. You’re all immature.

I have a list of the things Adam didn’t like about her, but I really don’t know what he did like.

The very first time we met him, my daughter knew I’d be dyeing my hair shortly. Creeper Adam came up behind me at the kitchen sink, ran both his hands through my hair, and asked me if I’d like his help to dye it.

While I locked myself in the bathroom to dye my hair un**lested, creeper Adam talked to my husband in the kitchen and informed him that the a**s is actually the pleasure center of a man’s body. Don’t f**king talk about your a**hole s** THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU MEET YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS.

I sent my daughter a few hundred $$ a month at college to make sure she always had a cushion and didn’t feel too stressed or lose too much sleep. (She worked part time but has epilepsy so I always had a little fear that if she worked too much, she’d end up having a seizure from stress and lose her license, which would be the end of college 5h away from home).

One night he called me at like 11 pm and literally berated me like a parent, because I didn’t send her enough money and she’s always stressed about working enough. I told him that’s between me and her. …later I did increase her by $150… when they finally broke up I learned that she bought 100% of all groceries and all restaurant meals for the entire relationship. His disgusting a** was putting pressure on me like I’m failing my daughter when he was the reason she was broke.

…adding to that, he also put her down for being a server in college because it’s “not a career.” Meanwhile he was getting paid $8/hr to cash people out at a beer store. She was grossing close to $15/hr with tips but he also looked down on that. And mind you, she was dead a** broke supporting him because he wouldn’t leave the house to eat unless she offered to pay, and he wouldn’t grocery shop but WOULD eat what was in the cabinets.

Then she finally dumped him, he said he hopes she has a seizure and dies.. she took him back… and to the surprise of absolutely no one but her, he cheated on her and gave her an std. thankfully curable, but Jesus Murphy how s**tty of a human.

He was just a turd. He is a turd. Adam you’re a frail, narcissistic turd.”

4. Sick.

“My brother dated a girl who pretended to have cancer when she thought (correctly) he was going to break up with her. Her parents went along with it.

Here’s the crazy part, my dad is an oncologist. This girl could have chosen any other disease (or maybe even sanity) but she went with cancer. My dad was asking for the name of her doctor, offering to help out, but she was strangely vague and dismissive.

We all felt suspicious and we felt like s**t for feeling suspicious. It took 6 weeks but my brother managed to get her mom alone, questioned her a little and found out her daughter wasn’t sick. Well…not physically.”

5. My brother.

“A girl my brother was dating for around two months got pregnant. Being the standup guy he was he immediately had her move in with him in his tiny college apartment. Went with her to doctor’s appointments.

Maxed out his credit cards paying for everything. Then the girl’s sister came to visit and, only as she was leaving, did she tell my bro he seemed like a nice guy so he should know her sister was pregnant before they started dating.

If it hadn’t been for her my brother would be raising that kid as his own. It was a sad situation all around.”

6. Unsavory.

“I have only stepped in once when I saw one of my girls spending a lot of time with someone I didn’t approve of.

I work for the happier side of my state’s human services agency, but we still share a lot of our agency customers with Child Welfare. I have a pretty good memory for names, faces, etc, and within the department, we talk quite a bit, so I will occasionally run into a family about whom I already know an uncomfortable amount of private information, but generally it doesn’t affect the decisions I have to make aside from who it gets assigned to next.

She came home talking about this boy she’d met, and I recognized his first name immediately, because it was uncommon. I asked her, “you’re talking about ‘Firstname Lastname, right?”

She gave me this really confused look and said, “….yeah…?”.

I told her, “Ok, kiddo, look. I can’t discuss the reasons for this. I know you like this kid, but the answer is absolutely not. You are not to hang out with him or his circle of friends. I need you to trust me on this, because I can’t tell you anything about my reasons for it.”

She started protesting, and I pointed out, I’d never said anything like that to her before. It wasn’t until nearly six years later that she learned about his criminal history as a juvenile, which included r**e and a number of other unsavory things.”

7. OMG.

“My step sister met a gorgeous firefighter that was a perfect gentleman. He would swoop up my disabled grandmother & carry her around like a got d**n baby. Everyone loved him. I couldn’t stand him. My dad said it was sibling rivalry.

She got pregnant pretty quickly. THEN the real him showed. He beat her so bad her face was fractured & she nearly lost the baby. He consistently stalked, harassed, & threatened more v**lence after she left him. Stepmom convinced her to abort, because she was already a (s**tty) single mom & she was terrified for her life. She ended up having to move out of state.

Couple of years later he was in the news for brutally r**ing & t**turing an elderly woman after breaking into her home.”

8. Liar.

“My friend dated a guy for 2 years. He claimed to have brain tumor. She never seen him take the loads of meds he claimed to have.

And when she asked to see his meds he would accuse her of not believing him. He had brain surgery one day. The next day back to normal and fully functioning. Wouldn’t let her know which hospital he was having surgery in.

No surprise, he was cheating on her the whole time when he had a “doctor” appointment or “surgery”.”

9. Little sister.

“My little sister dated a felon.

He was older. She was in high school

He broke probation with my sister in the car. They got pulled over for something, he bolted and left her behind the wheel. A canine unit took him down. My parents received a call from the cops to pick her up.

My sister was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing and dumped him.”

10. Wow.

“First guy my daughter dated

Barely in high school, already showing attitude problems. Anyone older than him was seen as an annoyance in whatever he wanted to do in life, even at 15. Came from a broken home, turned out he was the third of 10+ kids by one man with as many different women.

Already started getting suspension in high school because of same disrespect towards teachers. Had unfortunately convinced daughter to skip school a few times with him. Her grades started showing major drop, had to start intervention.

Took six months and discovery of him trying to date two other girls that finally stopped the relationship. He had gotten one of those girls pregnant by mid ninth grade year. Seeing the relationship end, felt crisis averted.

A year later as we are at home, daughter comes running into living room saying he is outside her bedroom. Before I can check the back side of house, cop has come up to house. He apparently pushed his mom down a flight of stairs in an argument, took off and could only think to come here. As I am talking to cop, bringing her to back side of house, we hear the gate slam on the other side as he takes off down the road.

Cop says he is not as much of a threat to spend chasing, puts out an APB for others if they see him. I request a restraining order to clear any controversy I may have. Two years pass. Apparently he got three different girls pregnant in those two years.

Daughter comes home one day to tell me he has a warrant out. Had pushed his 3rd pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs in an argument. She had ended up miscarrying. Local police office actually contacted me later that night about it since I had requested a restraining order on him 2 years prior and they did not know his whereabouts.

They find him about 40 miles north, charge him with manslaughter, and he has been serving a sentence since he was 17, about 2-3 years ago. I fear for the two other children he had with his other girlfriends each time I think about them.”

11. No way.

“My son dated a woman who would smack him across the face when she would get angry with him. Once in front of me.

My ex-husband was very v**lent and I was always terrified that my boys would take after him. I never considered that they might end up in an abusive situation themselves. They eventually broke up.”

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