12 People Share the Crazy First Dates They’ll Never Forget

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First dates are hard.

Like when you go to a movie and it turns out to be A History of Violence and people actually walk out of the theater at one point.

Some first dates can be pretty forgettable. But no one is apt to forget these any time soon.

Here are 12 first dates that will be remembered forever.

1. Getting straight to the point

At least you know where you stand.

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2. I can think of grosser places to do it

Unless there were snakes. Or alligators. Or other people.

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3. Can’t decide if that one’s more or less gross

Maybe the driver uses the extra fare for a thorough cleaning every time.

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4. At least you didn’t get arrested

Or murdered. Central Park seems romantic. Right?

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5. It’s nice when things work out

I guess being adventurous pays off.

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6. Because sometimes things don’t work out

I mean unless they changed their minds and got back together, in which case mazel tov.

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7. I feel like there’s a lesson in here somewhere

That’s a lot of M&Ms.

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8. Have I been doing chocolate wrong?

Because this looks like a pattern.

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9. I would like to read this novel

Because I’m going to need a lot more detail.

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10. Forget the strip club

Though I’m a little concerned about chafing. Actually, I’m a lot concerned.

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11. Now that’s a first date

And a much better use of nudity.

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12. Not quite memorable enough, apparently

Your first mistake was leaving your clothes on.

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After reading these, I have realized how tame my first dates have been.

What about you? Do you have any wild stories to share? Leave them in the comments.