12 People Share the Dark Secrets They’ve Been Keeping Inside for a Long Time

Sometimes, you just gotta get it off your chest…

I’m referring to dark secrets that cause you a lot of grief and heartburn…because you know that you want to let it all out but you’re not sure if you can…

Check out these secrets from AskReddit users…they might inspire you to finally talk about yours.

1. Scarred.

“Growing up, my single mother would take out her frustrations physically on her children.

So I spent time with 4 weekend foster families, 2 full time foster families, 2 years at a boarding school, a couple weeks at my dad’s place (foreign national who still lives here but doesn’t speak the local language after 35 years) and a couple years at something called an “efterskole”, a type of boarding school but specifically for finishing up what is essentially high school.

While all of that was traumatic enough, I moved to the neighbouring country for a few years following my coming of age, to live with my then girlfriend, and when she broke up with me, I broke.

It’s been 14 years since, and I still haven’t been able to create a relationship (platonic or otherwise) with a woman since, whenever a bond is being formed, it simply snaps as I subconsciously retreat out of self-preservation. After seeing a therapist it turns out I have rejection PTSD from not only my mother, but from most of the female authority figures I’ve had throughout my life.

I don’t h**e women, so let’s not take it to a misogynistic place.

I just can’t trust them because I’m emotionally scarred.”

2. Can’t connect.

“I find it incredibly difficult to connect with others. I simply can’t muster the energy to give a s**t about others.

I look at others as objects or annoying automata. I don’t h**e most. I simply have no opinion on others. Suppose that makes me kind of broken.

There. Off my chest.”

3. On fire.

“When I was 15 or 16 I lit my friend on fire. He had to go to the hospital with 3rd degree burns.

He was a homie and never told anyone it was me, just told people he was goofing around with fire and it was an accident. But I did it.”

4. Thinking about it…

“I think about dying a lot. My husband pulled the rug from under me when he left me for another woman. Still going through the divorce when I had a house fire and lost everything.

My friends have pretty much abandoned me ( I guess I’m too depressing) and my family think I should be “over it” and judge me all the time. Several times a day I wonder why I bothered trying to get out of the fire. I have no one and nothing.”

5. OMG.

“My grandmother told my aunt when she was on her de**hbed that she k**led her husband/my aunt’s father/my grandfather.”

6. Ugh!

“I ate a baby toad once. I’m not proud of it. It just kinda happened.

It pains me to think about how scared and confused it was, wondering “why am I not home and why am I in some sort of acid pond”.”

7. Horrible.

“I am a horrible human.

I feel jealous when people around me are doing better.

I am tired to pretending that I’m happy for them when in reality I hope they are burned. I also have insecurities. Which is probably why such h**red.”

8. Lies.

“For the past several jobs, I have told coworkers (sometimes elaborate) lies about family events.

Christmas, NYE, 4th of July, any sort of time one would typically spend with family, you bet, I had a great time.

I’ve been estranged from my family for going on 10 years.”

9. Mother.

“I fear my mother. I love her very much, and we have a good relationship, but she terrifies me.

There is no reason to feel this way, as she has done nothing to directly hurt me or anything, but this feeling still lingers.”

10. Nobody told me this.

“Adulting is a lonely thing. Even if you’re married with kids.

Nobody tells you. Many times it’s you and your thoughts.”

11. Predator.

“I don’t even know where to start or how to say this, but I think my older brother (who I love and who completely was our caregiver in a neglectful abusive home) might be a s**ual predator.

I never want to tell anyone because I don’t want it to be true, but at the same time I’m totally weirded out to be around him alone or let him be near my kids.”

12. Thanks, Dad.

“As a child, me and my parents went to the beach to go and take a swim. While going in the sea with my mom, we both accidentally fell in some kind of hole, and since we both couldn’t swim we started drowning.

By some kind of miracle my mom managed to push me on a rock nearby and i immediately started dragging her to me after the shock. During ALL of that, my dad thought we were both joking and silently signed us to shut up.

I was genuinely so scared after it that i basically ordered my dad to go home. It’s been a while and after talking to him about all of this he STILL thinks it was all fake, even after both me and my mom said to him we were about to die. I honestly h**e him for this, and if not for my mom i would’ve died long ago.”

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