12 People Share the Lessons They Learned the Hard Way

We all have certain people in our lives who have to learn EVERY lesson in life the hard way.

You know who they are…and hopefully, it’s not you…

Take a look at lessons folks on AskReddit learned the hard way.

1. Boundaries.

“People want friends who respect set boundaries. I

lost a lot of friends in my late teen years because I didn’t respect the boundaries they set in our friendship, and many of them were good folk.”

2. Get help.

“Seek help for your mental health and don’t let it fester. I’ve had severe depression for most of my life, and I always put it off as the seasonal changes and work schedule, until I attempted s**cide about a year ago.

I’ve since received professional help and have been in a state better than I have been in nearly a decade.”

3. Time to leave.

“If you wait to not be able to take it anymore to leave, then you’ll have to deal with the stress of changes at the same time as you heal from hitting rock bottom.

Just leave before it gets unbearable.”

4. Take care of #1.

“That it’s important to put yourself first.

I’ve never had a relationship that wasn’t codependent and I am currently in the process of healing and accepting myself without needing someone else. It’s so hard some days. I have done a lot of harm to myself and others by not seeking to meet my own needs, thinking that my needs were unimportant, and sacrificing myself for my relationships.

But the days where I do put myself first I feel so much better. I wish I had learned this 15 years ago, but I’m happy that I’m learning it now.”

5. Waste of time.

“People who want to be a part of your life, will be a part of your life.

Stop wasting time convincing someone to be a part of it.”

6. Up to you.

“My anger is my problem, no one else’s.

It is up to me to manage it.”

7. Don’t excuse it.

“Don’t excuse manipulative behaviour. The more you excuse it, the worse it will get, the longer it will go on for, and the more frequent it will be.

Whether it’s speaking up or talking to a friend about it or family member or even just collecting together everything they’ve done to you and why it was wrong, do something.

Don’t just sit there and let yourself be used for the convenience of others.”

8. Health is your only wealth.

“How important it is to be a healthy weight.

I’m losing weight now but I’m pre-diabetic, have high blood pressure problems, sleep apnea, have a fatty liver, and back problems. Also once you get over 300 lbs(136 kg) you get limited on a lot of things.

Like this kayak, bike, or chair isn’t rated for that weight. Harder to find clothes as well. Thankfully, if I keep at my current pace I should be less than 300 lbs in a couple months or so.

I know to others it is still bad, but I’ll be so happy when I’m 250 lbs or less. Going to be pretty d**n happy below 300 as well. Still plan to lose more, but compared to what I am now it will be great.”

9. They’re permanent!

“My body is covered by tattoos I got as an impulsive teenager.

Turns out I’m not a tattoo person.”

10. Workin’ smart.

“Work smart not hard.

For instance the other week I was expecting my boss to come into my office to see me at some point, so I made a long to-do list and ticked most of the things off of the list.

When he came in he noticed the list and how many were ticked off and commented on how hard I worked. I had spent most of the day on Reddit.”

11. Burned out.

“Burnout is real.

Took me 5 years to figure out the constant stress of my job was destroying my mental health.”

12. Have a good outlook.

“The only difference between an unhappy a**hole and someone who is truly content is their overall outlook on life.

Spent way too much time in my 20s angry and ruminating.”

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