17 People Talk About Losing Their Best Friend

Some people give away the title of “best” friend easily and to more than one person (despite the definition of “best”).

Other people have a single bestie who has been with them for years and years.

No matter how you define a best friend, though, there’s no doubt that losing one is at least as painful as breaking off a romantic relationship – but it happens.

Here’s how these 17 people lost the one person in the world they thought would be there forever.

17. A sad story.

It was October 16, 2015. I was working from home that day when I saw a call from him at around 9:15am. I had to ignore the call because I was in an online meeting.

At 2pm my Dad calls my phone, which is unusual since he knows I’m working. I answer it.

He is speaking quietly and very calmly. He says, “Son, I love you very much. I have some terrible news. Jared passed away this morning.” Jared’s wife was calling me from his phone to say she found him dead.

I couldn’t process what he was saying. I said, “That’s not funny. Jared, his wife and me and my wife were supposed to meet up next weekend for dinner.”

Jared had sleep apnea surgery that same week. He had taken a painkiller and benadryl together. It stopped his heart.

He died 2 days before his 40th birthday.

We were friends since grade school. We did everything together, he was my brother. He was the best man at my wedding earlier that year. I had just shared my son’s heartbeat with him via a text message 2 days before. Jared was so excited to be his crazy uncle.

I miss him every single day.

16. Every person’s nightmare.

A drunk/ high on coke driver merged over to early and flipped her truck. She went through the windshield and was drug as her truck flipped for almost a quarter mile.

I cry sometimes about it and the girl who killed her didnt even get vehicular homicide…

15. A common tale.

Slowly everybody just grew apart.

Some got jobs after college. Some of us joined the marines, some started their own companies. Some got married and had kids.

Here we are in our late 30s and we’d be lucky to hear from any one of us via text.

14. Selfish people make terrible friends.

I got tired of it being all about her all of the time. I couldn’t tell her anything in my life good or bad because she would make it about herself.

I allowed it because she had SO MUCH trauma from her family. But even when we finally stood up to her about it, she just went back to doing the same thing. The last straw was when she basically said that my life would be about helping her with her life goals.

13. You can’t save everyone.

he killed himself. i often go and meet up with his little brother and we play with his toy cars.

i think it takes my mind off it as much as his.

12. They just grew apart.

No idea. He slowly stopped answering calls, texts, emails…. his wife, even more so.

I’d occasionally stop by to see them and everything appeared to be OK. They never stopped to see us, even though his mother lived just a few miles away.

I just quit trying.

11. What can you say?

His wife tried to sleep with me. I didn’t let it happen and I told him about it.

They reconciled and had more kids, then it got weird whenever I was around so we drifted apart.

10. The not knowing…

Best friends since we were 12. Best Man at my wedding when we were 28.

Day after the wedding he never spoke to me again.

No explanation. Calls and texts went unanswered. He would avoid being at any social event I would be at, which was a few because we had the same circle of friends.

Tried for two years to keep that friendship alive.

9. Sometimes it comes right in the end.

I caught his fiance flirting with some guys in a bar on a night out. She told him she was on a girls’ night out. From what I could see it was her and one other girl, flirting with guys all night to get free drinks.

Maybe nothing wrong with that, but in another bar, later on, I came out of the gents’, and she was in the corridor with her hand up some guy’s shirt, his hand on her arse, and it looked like they were in the middle of making out. She saw me and snapped out of it, and went into the loo.

I sent him a text saying what I saw. No reply until the next morning, he phones to say she’s accused me of trying to kiss her, and grabbing her arse.

Long story short, she convinced him that I had come onto her, and my story was to deflect blame. He believed her because she was fucking him. We made up enough that I was best man at his wedding, but things were still distant.

It was only after 5 years of marriage, when they broke up, that she admitted she had made that up, and he apologised.

8. That’s life sometimes.

I’d say I’ve had three “best friends” I’ve lost over my lifetime.

First one: I was the a$$hole.

Second one: He was the a$$hole.

Third one: Just drifted apart as our lives went our separate ways.

7. I instantly saw red.

He slapped my girlfriend.

6. Those are the worst.

Car accident in 1988. Still call her Mum on birthdays, Mothers Day etc.

She was 5 days younger than me. We always said we’d do a double 21st. She only made it to 19

Miss you, Tracey

5. You find out who your friends are.

I started using a wheelchair.

I learned the hard way that most friends just can’t deal with that. Almost all of my friends today never knew me as a walking person.

4. So much gross.

He kept cheating on his wife and went to jail twice for beating her up.

I told him I didn’t think that was good behavior and he told me to f**k off and that I didn’t understand marriage since I was unmarried.

3. Hard to let go.

She got into heavy drugs and suddenly decided she doesn’t like me anymore.

2. People change.

My best friend and best man in my wedding was married before me. I was still in college when he got married. He always talked about how him and his wife were going to have a 3 some. I thought good for you man. Shortly after I got married that changed to him saying he was going to hook up with this chick by himself as his wife kept chickening out. Um dude that’s now cheating on your wife.

He had a kid shortly after that and he was born right around my birthday. My wife was taking me out of town for my birthday and he invited me to his kids birthday party. I declined saying I would be out of town and he stopped talking to me.

1. That’ll do it.

Slept with my bf.

I don’t know what I would do if I lost my bestie, and I hope I never find out!

If you’ve lost your best friend, tell us down in the comments what happened!