12 People Share the Worst Times They’ve Been Insulted by Someone Who Didn’t Do It Intentionally

Even if someone tells you they didn’t mean to insult you, does that really matter…?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one.

You feel like people should know better, but then again…you know how people are…

Check out these stories from people who say they were insulted by folks who really didn’t mean it.

1. Thanks…

“I recently got a very bright, very obnoxious Pac-Man hoodie, it is without a doubt the loudest thing I own.

As I was heading out the door for work, my 3 year old told me “remember dad, if people laugh at you, you can always take your sweatshirt off!””

2. That hurts.

“One time after a girl dumped me in high school, one of my close teacher “friends” said; “You’re the kind of guy a girl wants to meet in her 30s, not now when they want to be crazy.”

Thanks Miss H, I’ll never forget that one.”

3. Cuts deep.

“Working at a new job

“How old are you?”

“How old do I look?”

“I don’t know, 45?”

I was 27 at the time….”

4. Come again?

“In middle school the girl I had a crush on said I looked like a falcon.

Never quite figured out how to take that one.”

5. That’s right…

“I went to High School in the 90s with a girl who went on to become Miss USA. We were friends, there was no romance.

25 years later her mother comes to my office (she didn’t know I own the company) to drop off something we’d ordered. I was pleasantly surprised to see her and we spent a few minutes catching up.

Keep in my mind, my entire staff is watching the conversation between me and this girls’ mother.

Finally she says “My daughter thought the world of you, why didn’t you two ever date?”

I decided to try a little false modesty and responded “I wanted to date her, but she always liked handsome guys.”

Without batting an eye, she responded “Oh Yeah, that’s right.”

Total devestation.

I don’t think she even realized what she’d said. My staff did however and they had the most fun with it the rest of the day Still comes up occasionally.”

6. Sad.

“Getting on an adult ride at the fair, Operator says to me, “Ma’am, you can’t ride this if you are pregnant.”

I was not pregnant.”

7. Actually…

“I was on a film set for a scene about homeless people and someone said my homeless costume was perfect.

I was on the crew.”

8. Won’t be missed.

“Was moving on from a job and on my second last day my manager says “Take tomorrow off no one will miss you”

He later informed me that he had meant that I should finish a day early and that no one would mind.”

9. What a jerk.

“My boss pointing at me said to others “he may be fat but he is most hardworking person here “.”

10. That’s nice!

“Female coworker with whom I have a good understanding.

Her:” My boyfriend is a bit jealous of us, asked me to not fall in love with you. But I assured him there’s nothing going on. I guess if he’d see you he’d understand”…”

11. Yes, Sensei!

“When studying martial arts I had an instructor try to teach my why a particular feint never worked for me.

“In order for that feint to work, you opponent must first respect your ability to complete the strike. Everyone here knows your abilities, so they don’t fall for it.”

It was factually and technically accurate, and I understand what he was telling me. But, after thinking about it for not very long, I realized what sick burn it was.”

12. Not what you were looking for…

“I was on a camping trip with friends (in high school) and we decided to play a game around the campfire where we each complimented something we found physically attractive about the person on the other side of the circle.

My friend’s hot slightly older sister said that I had a nice personality (she didn’t know me).”

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