I have never personally experienced anything that I would consider paranormal, but I have to say that this kind of stuff really intrigues me and I’ve been interested in it from a very young age.

And the fact is that some people I know who are totally normal, sane, upstanding citizens have told me personal stories about things that happened to them that they just can’t explain…so you never know…

Have you ever had a creepy paranormal experience?

AskReddit users shared their spooky stories.

1. Grandpa’s old room.

“I was sleeping in my grandpa’s old room. He recently passed away and his body (in our tradition) was outside in the hallway. The hallway did not have a door and literally was outside.

Well the fabulous fam decided to move his body closer to my window. The whole night I could hear foot steps. I then saw a shadow of a man with a hat walking back and forth.

I’m a light sleeper so I said all angry “Shut Up! Let me sleep! Go to sleep or leave!” Lol the person left.

Well I found out my cousin thought she saw my grandpa walking around in the hallway but she didn’t understand as he was d**d.

So I guess we both saw my grandpa’s spirt? Idk?”

2. Deep in the forest.

“I do deep forest, as far from civilization as possible, camping and one experience creeped me the f**k out.

It’s the middle of the night, 2 am roughly, traveling through a forest a couple of miles from civilization because I got a call on my sat phone saying I needed to get home immediately. I stumble upon an old graveyard the latest tombstone I could read by my flashlight was 1831, and I hear a sound behind me. I whip around and there’s nothing but the still unending blackness of the night.

Then I hear another sound from my left. I look over there and again nothing. I think to myself I’m probably imagining it since I’m alone in a forest miles from civilization. I turn around and head back to civilization. Just as I’m about to pass the last tombstone I can see I hear a little girl giggle right in my f**king ear. Now I think I’m going crazy because s**t like this doesn’t happen in the real world only in horror movies. Suddenly a f**king rock hits my back.

Not a pebble but an avocado sized rock. I know I’m not crazy and I just book it the f**k out of there as fast as possible. I refuse to re-enter that forest to this day.”

3. I’m a believer.

“Worked security for a local security company that was just starting up and specialized in monitoring heavy levee equipment out in the orchards.

I had no radio, no g**, no mace, no flashlight, and no phone service. I was strictly there to monitor and take notes, but if anything DID happen the nearest help was 30-45 minutes away in town.

Fast forward to a few weeks of night shifts along the levee with it being surrounded by orchards, and i was pretty comfortable at my new location with its one road in and one road out as the only entrance for a few miles.

It was about 0230 in the morning when i hear an alarm clock going off somewhere in the murky darkness. Im positioned along side the levee in this position: o + o with my car being the “o” on the right, the levee as the “+” and the alarm sound coming from the “o” on the left. I turn my car on and drive over the levee to where the workers had a portable office container with a few chairs and a table set up and where it sounds like the alarm is coming from.

As my dim high-beams started to sweep across the orchard I see a dark figure multiple rows back seem to fade behind a tree quickly. I stop there and stare into the darkness barely disrupted by my POS cars head lights.

Nothing moves and I can hear the alarm still going off so I get out of my car and using my phones light, i find the culprit sat upon a white plastic table. A single small square battery powered alarm clock was singing away as my brain screamed at me to return to my car. I quickly popped the batteries out of the alarm and hopped back into my car as the silence returned to the orchards.

As i was reversing out of the spot, my headlights bathed the trees in light again and the same similar shape was now 3 or 4 rows closer and this time it seemed to crouch down behind a tree. I sat there for a moment longer staring into the void before my brain screeched, “What if theres more and this is the distraction?” That thought encouraged me to back up onto the high part of the levee and there i waited for the next three and a half hours “alone”.

It felt torturous. Like a thousand eyes were burrowing into every square inch of my car and soul from every angle. The quiteness of an orchard is something very unsettling in the winter time, as theres no insects or wildlife wandering about. All i could hear was silence and my pounding heart for the next three and a half hours of my shift. I almost wanted some monster to come tearing through the trees bellowing out, “Hahah here I am, here to eat you!” But instead i saw and heard nothing more.

My morning shifter shows up late and starts casually drinking his hot cup of coffee as i give him the run down while the sun starts to peak into the sky. I still remember the steam trail from his mug and the chirping of early birds as we decided to investigate further into the orchards.

We ended up at the spot where I saw the figure and after some quick scanning he ended up spotting some really large footprints from boots that seemed to pace back and forth in a line along one row of trees, we then tracked them as they led forward towards the workers office container and abruptly stopped near a tree while still a few rows back.

Nothing more. No follow up footprints leading forward or backwards. No vehicle tracks leading out of the dirt. No one could have gotten past me without trudging through the orchard. It was as if someone appeared, paced back and forth in a line for a few hours, walked forward, and then just disappeared without another step.

We reported it to the boss and he shrugged it off saying maybe it was an elaborate prank by the construction workers, but that was one of the last shifts I worked doing security.

Definitely made me more of a believer in the paranormal kind of things.”

4. Very weird.

“Pretty sure an aliens stopped me from st**bing my dad when I was 15.

One evening after school freshman year I had gotten into a huge argument with my father. He had a tendency to not calm down once he gets riled up, he was being very confrontational with me and had me cornered in the kitchen next to the sink. My mother had come out of the room she was yelling and doing her best to calm him down but it wasn’t working. Right after he pushed her away from him I had grabbed a huge knife from out the sink.

In that moment it felt like time stopped for what felt Like forever in my mind. So long that I had time to have a full dialog about what i wanted for my life. Suddenly time had resumed and everyone’s demeanor in the house had changed dramatically. I no longer had a desire to wield a weapon, my father who was just shouting and being aggressive was Suddenly docile along with my mother, they joined hands and walked into their room in near complete silence.

In complete shock from everyone’s sudden change in behavior, I scratch my head for a moment confused then I had this sudden urge to look out the front door of my house. As I peered out the window my eyes are immediately drawn towards the sky as there was this MASSIVE ball of green light over my house and the next moment it bolts south west through the sky never to be seen again.

It burned the mango tree across the street from my house too, causing it not to grow fruit or leaves for close to 2 years and had a section missing from the top of the tree that looked like someone had an ice cream scooper.

There were 5-6 other people at the school bus stop talking about the giant green light from the night before also. I didn’t see any lil green dudes but I feel like something or someone stepped into my life and hit a reset button in that moment and it changed my life dramatically… I’m forever grateful for that help that day idk where my life would be otherwise.”

5. There’s something out there.

“20 years old, taking my girlfriend home late one night on small country roads. I go to take a left turn then suddenly there are bright headlights coming through the passengers window.

She screams, I scream, we are about to be ki**ed….and nothing happens. We don’t get hit, the car just vanishes. She is hyperventilating and crying, Im scared as hell, confused, and adrenaline is racing. We sat there five minutes before I could drive again.

Start up the road and suddenly there are intense headlights behind us, they fly up behind us easily going 50 mph faster than us. Braced to get rear ended….and nothing. Girl is screaming so loud she is hoarse, all I hear is GO, GO, GO.

We drove the next 10 miles on little country roads at 110 mph, making curves that should have sent us into ditches, with the headlights either mere feet behind us or pulling alongside but we could never see anything but lights. Then my girlfriend suddenly screamed “What did you do with the f**king stars?!”

I glanced up, not daring to look away from the road very long, and the sky was black. Not moonless night black, I mean GONE black. I know how crazy it sounds but I am driving with the gas pedal on the floor at three times the safe speed, scared to death, with a screaming girl beside me and distinctly remember watching the trees in the headlights to figure out if everything literally vanished, ceased to exist once my cars headlights were past it because looking out the passengers window things seemed to just pop and vanish.

She curled up in her seat and passed out. There was a sharp 90 degree turn ahead with a huge, deep gully just past it and there was no way we could make it at our speed. I don’t know why but when I saw the lights beside me I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could. The lights zipped past us and vanished, the stars were back and somehow sitting there I just knew it was over

I woke her up, and she just kind of oozed into her seat and quietly asked me to take her home. We didn’t talk about it at all, she just got out and ran inside. I sat in her driveway and trembled for 10 minutes. I was terrified of going home the way we had come so I numbly drove 20 minutes in the wrong direction and slept in the parking lot of a truck stop because there were people around 24 hours a day.

My girlfriend would not return my phone calls for two days, I finally got her by calling her mom (who was as nice as ever). Told my girlfriend I really wanted to talk about what had happened, she said “it never happened.” In the driest, most emotionless voice that I can still hear 30 years later.

We NEVER discussed it and three troubled months later broke up (never discussed that either, just quit talking). I have never heard of anyone else seeing odd lights and I’ve never seen them again but SOMETHING was out there with us that night.”

6. The stair case.

“We lived in a house that had wooden stair case going from the first floor to the second floor.

I noticed that anytime we went up the stairs when we got to the fifth and sixth step we would stumble going up in the same spot. So it became habit to move to the left as if someone was blocking the way and we needed to get out of the way. We didn’t think about it. We would just move out of the way.

Crazy thing is the cats would do the same thing in the same area. None of us realized we were doing it. This was back in the day when we had 33mm film cameras. I had taken a few picture of my daughters one evening with the stairs in the back ground. Weeks later I had the film developed .

In every picture I took with the stairs in it there were two orbs floating over the exact spot on the stairs were we would trip.”

7. Freaked out.

“Woke up one morning and heard a full conversation going on downstairs. It wasn’t uncommon for the neighbors to be over and talking to my mom that early so I thought nothing of it and went to the kitchen for a drink.

Walked past my mom‘s room and noticed she was sound asleep and there was no one in the front of the house. Didn’t see anything but I was genuinely freaked.”

8. Skyscraper.

“I worked in skyscraper. Before I started working there, a teenage boy jumped off the building, he was distraught over his mother’s death.

It was very traumatic for the witnesses. I always parked on the top floor of the adjacent parking garage because it was less expensive. One morning I was waiting for the slow garage elevator and I was looking over the railing at the plaza seven floors below when I heard a voice say “just jump!”

I started parking across the street in a paved lot the next day.”

9. Man in the store.

“I went to Kroger late one night, since I was on a graveyard shift schedule, so this was about 1 AM.

I’m at the back end of an aisle where this was this poorly dressed man, looked about mid-40’s/early 50’s with a walking staff. As I stood near him for a few seconds to find my items, he started talking to me about religion. I initially thought it was just the usual crazy person, ranting about God or whatever popped into their head. However, after 10-12 seconds, he stopped and said “Son, you seem like you are carrying a burden”.

Over the next 10 full minutes, I had this very open conversation with this complete stranger about the world and spiritualism. It was the first real therapeutic moment since my mom had d**d and I couldn’t believe the setting of it.

After a little bit longer, he said he didn’t want to hold me up and to have a good night before he turned back around and started grabbing an item off the shelf. Since I was at the end of the aisle, it took me only a few steps to get into the back portion of the store where there was a Kroger employee stocking shelves.

He saw me and instantly asked “Hey man, who were you talking to? I was right here for a bit and only ask because you don’t have any headphones in and your phone wasn’t out”. I told him it was with that older guy in the aisle and the employee replied with “dude, nobody else was there”.

I instantly turned, took a few steps back to the aisle, and saw a completely empty aisle. I figured he probably just walked away right as I did, so I quickly jogged to the front of the store and looked around. This guy was nowhere to be seen.

With the condition this man appeared to be, there was no d**n way he hobbled to the front, checked out, and was gone within the 8-10 seconds it took for me to interact with that store employee. I even asked the security guard if he had seen that man within the last minute and he told me that nobody had come in or out since I walked into the store.”

10. Cursed key.

“I was on a long trip from Michigan to California.

I drove for 16 hours straight to eastern Colorado, where it started to snow pretty hard. I decided it would be a good time to pull over for the night and pulled over at a rest stop in Sterling, a small town in the middle of the Colorado plains. My first weird experience in this town was a random stranger pulling into the rest stop and asking me how to get to Denver.

I thought nothing of it and found the nearest motel. It had this old-west saloon theme and was completely empty, my car and the owner’s were the only cars in the lot. The snow started to come down pretty hard so I decided to stay there. When I checked in, the owner gave me this key with a keychain that had my room number.

I got my bag out of my car and put it in the room, and as I went back outside in the snow to get something else from my car, I noticed I lost the key and was locked out. I looked everywhere for it, and even took out everything in my trunk. As I was searching my car for the key, the snow started to pick up a little more.

I gave up and eventually went back to the owner for a new one, and went to sleep for the night. I couldn’t really sleep that whole night, and the room was eerily drafty. Flash forward two years, and I eventually forgot about the key with the red keychain. Until it magically re-appeared in my trunk in some random place I remember already looking in. I swear this key is some kind of cursed object.”

11. Hearing jazz.

“My husband and I had the “hang out house” of the cul-de-sac.

Everyone hung out in our garage. We had a friend “Tony” who would stop by after work, take a nap on my couch, and then hang out every night playing pool or just shooting the s**t before going home. Sadly, he was ki**ed in a vehicle accident. For nearly a year after that, we would wake up to the stereo in the garage turning on and playing the jazz radio station.

Tony was the only one who liked jazz – and our garage radio was never tuned to that station. Even if it was turning on due to some strange power surge, it would have turned on to the station we kept it set to, not the jazz station!”

12. Won’t stay there anymore.

“I won’t sleep in my nana’s house anymore now. Even though I basically grew up in that house as a kid with zero problems. I didn’t even believe in anything beforehand but this had me proper shook.

I was in my 20s and hadn’t been back for ages since I had moved away. But me and my mam stayed over one night visiting. I slept upstairs in the front bedroom (two single beds). Mam slept in the smaller “box room” that was a narrower room to the left of it. I can’t remember why it was that arrangement. Nana and grandad were in the back bedroom.

I woke up randomly in the middle of the night, wide awake. Went to the bathroom, checked my phone. Saw it was after 4am-ish. Tried to lie down and go to sleep and I suddenly felt really really awful. I can’t describe it. I felt sick, sad and terrified all at the same time for no reason. As if you were hiding somewhere from somebody and your heart is going crazy as they walk past looking for you.

I tried to close my eyes and nod off. Couldn’t really get to sleep. To the left of me the bed started dipping as if someone was trying to stand on the mattress and walk across it. Two more dips one after the other to where my legs were. The mattress was actually making noise under the weight. But there was nothing there I couldn’t see anything? It stopped as it got to the end of the bed. Then I kid you not the hand I had out over my blanket was touched and I thought I was going to cry or wretch (or both). I felt so sad and confused.

When the terror subsided enough for me to move I burst out crying and ran into my mam. Trying to tell her what happened through the gasps. She was already awake. She said a spider was crawling across her arm and it woke her up. Said she heard me come back from the bathroom.

She left me in her bed and got up to check the front bedroom. She told me that when she went in she felt sick and angry. The hairs on her arms were sticking up but she couldn’t see anything. She came back and told me not to go in there.

Of course then nana and grandad woke up to me crying and grandad dismissed it saying I was dreaming. I was awake and was on my d**n phone! My nana wasn’t too bothered and said something like “ah yeah I’ve felt and heard strange stuff for years but nothing dangerous”. Couldn’t believe she was only saying that now.

I didn’t stay over again after that. I dunno whether I got more sensitive to stuff that was already going on or that something awful started hanging around.

Mam and nana didn’t tell grandad and called a priest to come to the house (we’re Catholic). He was told everything and checked the house. He took some photos in that front room. He took a few photos of the wall over the beds and there was this blurry area in the middle over the headboards. He said that apparently from what he’s seen before it was a sort of gate where things can get in and out. So they were obviously coming out, landing on the bed and continuing through the house.

The housing estate itself is next to the biggest children’s hospital in the country and he thought maybe there were a lot of confused “entities” passing through that didn’t know where to go. So that explains what my nana says. But also older, meaner things were coming in and out and that could’ve only been happening recently.

My uncle told me afterwards that he stopped house sitting for them years ago because he could hear running across the house upstairs and couldn’t take it anymore.

Mam had to stay there a few more times for work and she said the night disturbances were getting more and more aggressive. More grabbing, things moving. My nana told me she locked up the house but when she came back and unlocked the front room the iron was plugged in and red hot. The house could’ve burnt down.

Grandad still denies everything but won’t sleep without a tv or radio on (so he’s afraid but won’t admit it). Currently waiting for them to move houses.”

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