12 People Share Their Weirdest Opinions That They’ll Always Stand Behind

Here’s one for you to chew on…and some people might think I’m nuts.

I don’t like the movie The Big Lebowski.

And for the record, yes, I’ve seen it multiple times, and I love some of the Coen Brothers’ other films.

And I’m gonna stand by my stance…

What unpopular opinion are you always willing to defend?

Here’s what AskReddit users said.

1. A historical mystery.

“Billy The Kid escaped and actually d**d in 1950.

there was this guy in Hico, TX named Brushy Bill.

He claimed to be Billy The Kid. Had every scar he had, could recall details about the Lincoln County War that you’d only know if you were there, pointed out where he shot in the courthouse, all with perfect accuracy. Somebody drove by and yelled hey at him and he went for a gun, as if he was used to being accosted (he didn’t have a gun it was a reflex).

Anyway he’s probably in his late 60s or 70s if not older, and people (I think the county? I don’t remember) call him into this big televised thing and basically are mocking him, and the dude has a stroke. He eventually d**s of a heart attack in 1950.

His family claims he wasn’t Billy The Kid, and honestly I don’t blame them why bring the attention on yourselves that you clearly didn’t want for so long. Historians doubt it too, but it’s the one conspiracy theory im totally with.

Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid were best friends. It’s entirely conceivable to me that Garret (it was just him and Billy when he get shot if I recall correctly) told him to get out for old times sake or he’d be shot and he’d be shot if he came back too.”

2. Classic.

“Classic rock is a specific time in music, not just older rock.

Classic rock is mid 60’s to early 80’s. Nirvana and Soundgarden, not classic rock. That’s grunge. The Cure and John Mellencamp are 80’s.

Just because they are old doesn’t make them Classic Rock.”

3. A good idea.

“I will not work for a company that doesn’t post salary range in job description or discuss salary in the first interview.

You have my resume which is what I bring to the table.

I deserve to know what you are offering up front.”

4. Never heard of this.

“There was a reason for the huge crime-wave drop-off that started in the mid-1990s. Some say it’s ab**tion, but it also correlates with 20 years after lead was removed from gasoline.

And this correlation tracks in every other country that used to have lead in their gas and then removed it. You put lead in your gasoline, crime starts trending up 20 years later. You take it out, crime starts plummeting 20 years later. You can almost set your watch to it.

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) began a campaign to eliminate leaded gasoline from the world in 2002. Back then 117 countries were still using leaded gasoline, including many in the middle east.

This year, Algeria, the last country to produce it (they stopped producing it in July) used the last of its’ reserves on August 30th. We’re coming up on the 20 year anniversary of several middle eastern countries phasing it out. Don’t be surprised if the world starts “calming down” in the next few decades.”

5. Do as you please.

“I am an adult, I can cook whatever food I want for Thanksgiving.

Last year we had ribs from my smoker and they were better than any turkey.”

6. All fired up.

“Everything we think we know about Captain Kirk is wrong.

Constantly sleeping with women: False. He had only a small number of flings in the show; it was not a prevalent thing. Riker was far more prolific!

Breaking the rules all the time: False. Kirk was a strict, by-the-book military man who broke regs only in extreme circumstances.

Shatner overacts: Mostly false. 99% of the time, he plays Kirk totally straight. There are a small number of wild moments on the show where Shatner plays it big, and those moments have become (in)famous. However, they are the exception, not the norm.”

7. Something fishy going on here.

“There is a conspiracy against me by a shadowy cabal to drive me insane by always making sure the screwdriver I find is never the kind I need at that moment.”

8. Not a fan.

“TVs should not go above a fireplace.

It’s infuriating going to a friends’ house to watch a movie, or a sports game, and then the TV is two inches away from the ceiling.

It’s ridiculous!”

9. Fired up.

“When you are at a picnic, the napkins and utensils need to be at the end of the line.

I don’t know what utensils I need yet. I don’t know what food I’m

It’s a waste of utensils. And I don’t want to hang on to extra s**t while I’m filling my plate.”

10. Just say no.

“Most screen actors shouldn’t be voice actors.

Most of the time they suck at it and they’re only there because they’re a famous name and because the film industry takes animation less seriously.

Even worse if it’s a non-acting celebrity providing the voice work.”

11. Pay me!

“DNA testing like ancestry. com is weird and if anyone’s gonna test my DNA and add it to a database they should pay ME.

Not the other way around.”

12. Shhhhh!

“Virtual assistant devices (like Alexa) are strange, and I do not trust them at all. Its like bugging your own house.

It requires putting too much faith in corporations like Amazon to not elicit as much data as they want from you (yes I know they already have a lot w/o a device).”

Do you have any weird opinions that you stand by no matter what?

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