12 People Share What They Think Folks Need to Stop Being Offended By

Do you ever find yourself rolling your eyes at the things that offend people these days?

Even if you’re the most liberal or “woke” person, chances are that you sometimes think that people take it a little too far…

But that’s the world we’re living in right now! No doubt about it!

And AskReddit users went on the record to talk about what they think folks today need to stop being offended by.

Let’s have a look…

1. I never do.

“Not answering the phone.

I am not contractually forced to answer the godd**n phone each time it rings.”

2. Pointless.

“Offended by things that hurt no one.

Tattoos, bad haircuts, men doing feminine things and vice versa.

Such pointless things to be offended by, but people still do it.”

3. Relax.

“Cultural appropriation when not done in a mocking manner.

Especially with food. The people who get mad because a chef modified a dish someone else’s grandma made in the old country need to just stop.

There’s already so much noise in the world, getting mad over food is ridiculous.”

4. Facts are facts.

“FACTS. Hard, cold, provable facts.

Denying facts was called being either a liar or a delusional back in the day.”

5. Heads up!

“Something simple like ringing my bicycle bell. I’m trying to alert you that I’m going so you don’t accidentally sidestep and I run into you because of that!

I’m not saying “Get of the road, you piece of trash.””

6. Thank you!

“Saying Merry Christmas.

I don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but if a Jewish person said “happy Hanukkah” to me I’d be like oh sweet yeah bro Happy Hanukkah.

It’s literally just a day. Someone is telling you happy day.”

7. Triggered.

“Being responsible for knowing EVERYONE’S “trigger”.

Especially strangers on public social media platforms.

It’s unrealistic.”

8. Not your business.

“When I say I never want to have children. It’s like it’s not your life ma’am, I’d be the one raising it.

I personally believe that they get offended because they never thought it was possible to choose whether or not to have children and they want people who choose not to have them to suffer like they did.”

9. I like this one.

“Being corrected in a non offensive manner.

It is OK to be wrong the process of being corrected is called learning.”

10. Seriously.

“Pretty much everything.

I had the chance to spend some time in West Africa this year. First time I’ve ever been over there, or anywhere that could rightly be described as third-world. I saw people living in dirt huts with rusted tin rooves. Kids walking in the streets naked, carrying around d**d chickens by their necks. I saw a country where running water is a luxury.

And then I came back to the US to a cacophony of “They’re trying to make me wear a mask in this air conditioned store that has everything I could ever want!” or “Our top-rated engineering department is only 46% women!”

Really put things in perspective, and I am happy to admit that my life is privileged as f**k. And so is that of everyone I’ve ever met in America, regardless of race, gender, orientation or anything else.”

11. Amen!

“Other people’s choices, the results of which don’t affect you.

Gay marriage is the obvious one, but there are many other choices people will make for and about themselves that don’t affect you and your choices in any way.

Say it with me: giving other people rights doesn’t take yours away.”

12. Get a grip.


I myself am a 100% atheist who doesn’t believe in any god/s or higher power, however that doesn’t mean I think all religious people are bad or wrong. In fact I couldn’t really care less what other peoples personal beliefs are. They’re free to believe whatever they want and I’d hope they’d have the same opinion for me.

People who get offended by people with religions other than their own need to get a grip. If it’s not affecting you in any serious way then why should you care? I do have an issue however when people try to force their religions onto other people, that is just wrong.

You’re free to believe what you want, but the minute you try to force those beliefs onto someone else who believes in something entirely different, you’re being a d**k.”

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