What Do People Need to Stop Getting Offended By? Here’s How People Responded.

I’m not trying to discount anyone’s feelings, but people seem to get offended by pretty much EVERYTHING these days.

But maybe every generation has said that about the ones that come after them…I’m not sure…

What do people need to stop being offended by currently?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Get over yourself.

“My friend tweeted about his grandma d**ng and someone got mad at him for not adding a trigger warning.”

2. Stay out of it.

“Third party people who hear one side of a story, assume that’s all the facts and not any bias or perceptive distortion nor a misunderstanding, and then go on to attack the other party who is also hurting from what happened between the first two parties.”

3. I politely decline.

“Declining their offer.

Years ago my mom (she’s gotten much better now) would offer to help with something and if I said no she’d take it as a personal insult.

One time I said I was coming to pick up my things as I was in the process of moving out, she said she can just hold onto them until I find a place.

It was pretty clear she wanted to slow the moving process down as much as possible but I said no thank you, I’d rather have them with me now.

The conversation ended with her telling me to go to hell and threatening to throw my property on the lawn in the middle of the night cause I insisted instead of caved.”

4. Weird.

“Asking people for ID.

I work at a bank.

It blows my mind how mad people can get that I ask them to verify their identity to access their secured funds.”

5. Definitely healthy.

“Setting boundaries with toxic people.

It’s not “vindictive” or “unforgiving,” it’s healthy.”

6. Gone too far.

“Acknowledging physical characteristics in a non r**ist way.

For example, let’s say you’re at a party and there are 20 white people and one black guy. You’re chatting to him for a bit and then he leaves. Later you’re talking to someone else and you’re like, “I was chatting to someone earlier, can’t remember his name… he had a yellow shirt on… eerr, he was the tall guy with glasses….” Etc etc.

Just say it was the one black guy, people take these things way too far.”

7. People are busy.

“People being busy!

I don’t understand why people give up friendships just because they haven’t seen someone in a month or so or get offended because they took a few hours to respond to a text.”

8. No means no.


Some people just don’t seem to understand what a NO means.”

9. Just say it.

“As a disabled person, you can say disabled when referring to me.

No need to waste breath with “person with disability.””

10. Good lord.

“I remember a story a few years ago when a woman threw her daughter a Japanese-themed tea party.

People started to get all outraged and accused her of “cultural appropriation,” until a lone Japanese poster said that he quite liked it.

They said something about how emulation is a sincere form of flattery, but I don’t remember exactly what it was.”

11. You don’t have to.

“People not smiling.

For some reason it bugs the hell out of some people when someone doesn’t smile often, to the point where they feel inclined to embarrass them by loudly telling them to smile more.”

12. Amen!

“Being wrong!

Its okay to be wrong, as long as you’re also willing to learn.”

What do you think people need to stop being offended by?

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