12 People Share What They Think Is Accepted Now That Will Be Horrifying in 100 Years

You know what I think is kind of crazy?

When I look through old magazines and see all the ci**rette ads that people used to see on a daily basis.

We think it’s weird now but it used to be the norm.

And there are a ton of examples like that!

AskReddit users talked about things that we think are normal now but will probably seem crazy in 100 years.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Too much plastic.

“Plastic waste. It’s everywhere.

Everything comes wrapped in plastic and it’s all waste. Plastic toys are just plastic waste when they aren’t wanted anymore. Take a look at photos from the Great Depression.

One thing you won’t notice is plastic waste. Now I can’t walk down the street without seeing plastic waste everywhere. It’s just so goddam sad.”

2. Factory farming.

“I hope factory farming. It’s horrible the way those animals have to suffer.

And to think how much overproduction there is in it, a lot of the meat/animal products just gets wasted, so the suffering of a whole lot of life is in vain.”

3. Terrible.

“Private/for profit prisons. Locking people up to make a profit should never be a thing.

It incentivizes long sentences and not rehabilitating and educating prisoners as not doing that increases chances of them reoffending.”

4. Gladiators.

“Probably contact football.

We watch people put on modern armor and slam into each others heads until the participants are either too injured (“old”) to participate competitively or are deemed officially disabled.

Honestly its kinda like modern day gladiators.”

5. Let’s hope so.

“Prosecution of non-v**lent drug users/addicts.

Treating these people like criminals only creates more crime and ruins their lives when most of them just need help.”

6. What’s the point?

“Working mundane, pointless jobs for most of our lifetimes.

Betting most of the soul sucking jobs will be done by machines, and those that are still done by people will be done at least in a more balanced way, with more time off/incentive to follow a path where you are best and enjoy what you do (labor/population optimization).”

7. Who knows?


Accidents k**l millions per year, Pollution from cars k**ls more, and the limited mobility of children k**ls even more through the obesity epidemic.

Car crashes and getting run over are also high causes of de**h for children, not to mention hundreds of thousands of possibly permanent injuries.

The damage to the environment necessary for just roads, ignoring gasoline to fuel the cars, is horrifying, and parking lots are worse. Tires and road particles pollute our air, water, and food production.

In 100 years we’ll either live in some self driving dystopia, or humanity will accept the fact the car is unsustainable.”

8. Changes.

“Hitting/spanking kids. The psychology against it is sound and already gaining popularity.

Most families raising children in 2022 do not use physical punishment. This has changed in the last 20 years, since my own childhood. I’m glad for the change.”

9. Senseless.

“The idea that poor people should be allowed to d** for lack of medical care because they are a necessary sacrifice in the War On Socialism.”

10. Could be…

“Keeping people alive with terminal diagnosis.

Euthanasia seems to be something that I hope will become widely accepted in my lifetime, since we will do it for animals.”

11. A different world.

“Categorizing people by race. In 100 years (at least in the United States), most people will be bi-racial with many passing for multiple races.

It just won’t make sense any more and will come across as really archaic and ra**st.”

12. Animal rights.

“Eating meat. I love a good steak but I really think this will be morally unacceptable in 50-100 year timeframe. Maybe even sooner.

Society gets increasingly liberal with time and I think animal rights will eventually win out. When it does we will cross the line into a meat free society.

Good plant based or lab grown meat substitutes will likely speed up the transition.”

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