12 People Share What They Think Instantly Makes a Guy Hot

Hey, most of us guys out there can use all the help we can get when it comes to hotness and hot-related issues.

And I’m speaking for myself here!

So I’m gonna pay close attention to what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Let’s take a look!

1. Listen up.


My husband listened to me, listened to what I like and went on wooing me from there.

Brought me my favorite foods and deserts, took me to my favorite movies, bought me tickets to my favorite concerts.”

2. Anyone?

“Willing to watch the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Also, liking cats. Not the movie.”

3. Totally secure.

“Being secure in his s**uality.

I had an ex of mine telling me “I’d like to be a straight gay” meaning that he would have liked to be able to express himself fully (hand gestures, not having to perform hypermasculinity).

This guy was 100% straight but this confidence made him hot to me. Remember, if you need to prove something, I’ll instantly doubt it.”

4. A big one.

“Self-deprecating humor or the ability not to take himself seriously all the time.

I remember teasing an ex about his weird looking foot (he was sitting on the other one) and he gave me a surprised look and said “that’s not even the weird one, look at this!” as he brought out the weird one…

I loved him so much in that moment.”

5. Super hot.

“I love a guy with amazing eyes and glasses that emphasize them.

In terms of personality, I love a guy who listens, has strong and compassionate communication skills, and has enough real world experience to lead by example.

If he has all of the above, then he is super hot.”

6. The list.

“Amazing sense of humor, random facts pop up machine, smart but not cocky about it, broad shoulders and being into geeky stuff.”

7. Family man.

“First time I met my husband, he spoke highly about his family (parents and adult sisters and their kids).

Never had a guy talk about his family like that when first meeting, especially when at a college basement party drinking keg beer. He’s terribly handsome, but that really caught me off-guard and he was instantly more hot.

20 years and 2 kids later and he’s an amazing father, which makes him hotter still. Makes me laugh every day. Favorite person ever.”

8. Don’t care.

“Men who truly don’t care about other people’s but especially other men’s opinion of them.

Most guys treat male validation as their lifefuel amd nothing turns me off more.”

9. Sweetness.

“A sweet personality.

Stuff like bending down/leaning in to listen if the girl you’re talking to is shorter than you, instinctually holding the door open/grabbing it from above if it’s already been opened, also smiling and being generally receptive/warm!

Also, not putting on an act to seem “cool.””

10. Just being honest.

“A lot of money.

Anyone who says other wise is either a liar or hasn’t been exposed to how the world really works.

Unfortunately money trumps a lot of things in life.”

11. Pay attention, fellas.

“Confidence but not arrogance. Clean groomed but not too clean. Intelligent but not a nerd. Strong but not all jock. Loving but not smothering. Sensitive but not a whiny little b**ch.

A romancer but not Pepe Le Peu. Probably well endowed helps too. But most likely none ofnthis. Likely just the right amount of a specific pheromone and it is likely different for each person.”

12. Thank you.

“When he appreciates the things you do.

The energy doesn’t even have to be matched. It’s the touch, words, or smile that mean “thanks”.

That goes a long way.”

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