12 People Share What They Think Is Morally Okay Even Though It’s Illegal

We live in a strange world

Some things are morally just fine but illegal, while other things are perfectly legal but reprehensible.

It’s enough to make a person’s head spin!

What do you think is morally okay BUT is illegal?

Let’s see how folks responded on AskReddit.

1. Strange.

“Repairing or modifying some things you own.

There has been a lot of talk recently and in recent years about Right to Repair laws trying to be passed. Certain companies, a couple major offenders are John Deere and Apple, make it extremely hard or outright illegal to repair the products you have bought from them. If you OWN it, you should be able to fix your stuff.

And if you OWN a product, you should be able to change it to help it function or work better. Yes that voids warranty, that’s understandable.

But companies suing people because they overclock or modify their gaming systems, or if people with great tech knowledge change something, say a vacuum, to work better than the original, they can be sued.”

2. Uh oh.

“Making fun of the Thai Royal Familly in any capacity, and this includes living or d**d members.

One woman has been senteced to over 40 years in Thai prison for her critisisms of the monarchy.”

3. Might as well legalize it.

“Consensual, ethically practiced pr**titution.

Like, the institute of pr**titution in its current form needs an overhaul, but two people meeting, deciding on a fair price for services rendered, and one party paying another party for consenting s**ual acts, while all parties take necessary precautions to have safe s**?

Not at all ethically problematic. Second oldest profession in the books. A financial and emotional boon for the world.”

4. Ridiculous.

“Being an atheist in some countries.

In other words, not following an organized religion is a crime in those countries.

And atheists still aren’t allowed to run for office in A LOT of US States. I don’t think it would be enforced, but still…”

5. Interesting.

“Firemen cannot take burned victims to the hospital by themselves.

They have to wait for ambulance.

But there has been events where they have saved victims and got suspended.”

6. Criminal.

“Collecting rain water.

It’s literally falling all around us but you have to pay a company to pump it through your house or get it bottled.”

7. Why not?

“Giving leftover food to employees or the homeless when a restaurant closes for the day instead of throwing it out.”

8. The Devil’s Lettuce.

“Possessing and smoking marijuana recreationally or medically.

Hell, regardless of legality, most employers will still fire you for it if you are drug tested and pop hot.”

9. A hot take.

“Honestly I think athletes should be allowed to bet IN FAVOR of themselves or their team.

All it’s going to do is motivate them to play harder.”

10. Awful.

“Inspired by a recent argument I had: rescuing refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean.”

11. Watch your step…

“Destroying the mail of someone that lived in your house over a decade ago and refuses to get it redirected.”

12. All this stuff.

“Leaving water in the desert for immigrants, passing out water to thirsty voters in Georgia, smoking weed in many parts of the country, profiting off of Mickey Mouse if you’re not Disney.”

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