13 People Share the Jobs and Activities They Usually Associate With Total Jerks

We all have our own opinions about what jobs and activities usually involve jerks.

If I had to chime in, I’d say that maybe lobbyists who work for certain interests would probably be jerks?

I mean, they’d have to be, right?

While you think about that question, let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Parasites.

“Tow Truck Companies. Not repossession, but towing. They can basically steal your car and ransom it back to you with impunity.

Know many people who have been illegally towed and the company will lie about the circumstances and there is nothing you can do.

Literal parasites…”

2. Sounds like fun.

“Supermarket middle management.

The guys who walk around in suit and tie, shouting at the staff stocking the shelves, while not helping to do anything. Every so often they’ll half heartedly help pull a pallet of food out, but other than that it’s just wondering the shop floor.

There were a few I worked with who would roll their sleeves up and muck in and help out. These were always the guys who used to stock shelves before being promoted. The ones not helping out were the “straight out of uni management course” types.”

3. Stay far away.

“Anyone who claims they have their own business but they’re actually just selling Herbalife products as part of an MLM.”

4. Takes a certain kind.

“Debt collectors. I personally knew one that took pleasure in making people cry.

“ThEy ShOuLd PaY tHeIr BiLlS” when the person in question was on welfare for over a year.

Hypocritical psychopaths.”

5. Just being honest.

“Attorneys, they’re the worst.

H**e them.

Also, am one, married to one and employ some.

Definitely the worst.”

6. No chill.

“HR associates.

Based on my experience I have never met a chill HR person, they are always finding low ways to save money.”

7. Sleazy.

“Any kind of sales.

Corporate America is full of extremely sleazy sales men and women.”

8. I’m an artist.

“Stage actors.

They think because they did a one-act and a Shakespere play that they’re so much better than regular people.”

9. Ouch.

“I’m a nurse.

As much as I don’t like to say it, nurses and doctors.”

10. Hot s**t.

“Blue collar. I work on industrial/commercial boilers, controls and oven equipment.

So many of these guys have like 3 years in and think they’re the hot s**t. I’m 10 years in and still don’t feel like I have it figured out.

I have no idea where this blind confidence and the “how dare you question me” attitude comes from. I h**e how these guys make their job their personality.”

11. Hmmm…

“Construction workers.

My dad tells me stories of loud and annoying construction workers on the train. Always talking about the vaccine or the presidential election.

It doesn’t matter what your view is on these subjects keep them to your self.”

12. Power trip.

“Petty bureaucrats, the types who deal with drivers licenses, birth certificates, etc.

Give them a sliver of power and they a**se it.”

13. Thoughts?

“U.S. Marines

I’m not talking about all U.S. military. In fact, I have nothing against the Marines as an organization. I actually support all of our armed forces.

I’ve just known way too many Marines and ex-Marines who were jerks.

Conversely, the branch of military that has produced the most people that I personally associate with being nice and humble is the Air Force.”

Are there jobs and activities that you associate with jerks?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!