What Should You Never Do After the Age of 30? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I know one thing I would never do after the age of 30 is try to skateboard.

But that’s just for me and I have friends who are older than that and still going strong.

I’m just afraid of breaking my arm…or my hip.

What do you think people shouldn’t do after they turn 30?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Gotta stay in shape.

“Quit exercising.

It’s insane how long it takes me to recover now.

At 27-29 I was recovering so d**n quick.”

2. Leave them in the past.

“Re-live the best days of your 20s or even teens.

Preserve them where they are and just build yourself new memories.”

3. Worth it.

“Move without movers.

Used movers for the first time a year ago. 0 regrets, I will use them again lol.

Cost ~$400 for some college kids to move my c**p and drive the truck. I h**e moving so much that using movers deletes a solid chunk of the associated pain.”

4. Don’t even worry about it.

“Caring about what people think you should or should not be doing at 30.

I’m actually healthier as a 35 year old than I ever was as a 25 year old and can actually do stuff I couldn’t do in my 20s.”

5. Sit up straight!

“Sit with poor posture.

Everything will hurt.

Break those habits!”

6. You’ll figure it out.

“Regret your teens or twenties because “everyone else has their life together.”

It takes time and patience, your 30s will still be about growth.”

7. Yes!

“Make the mistake of thinking the best youthful days are behind you.

Live young. Enjoy every stage of life.

Age is just a number.”

8. Keep your nose clean.

“Commit a felony.

Seriously. From 30-40, you’re at a point in your life where you absolutely NEED stability.

A minor felony can cost you 5-7 years of your life that you could’ve used to prepare for when you get too old to work.”

9. It’s true.

“Expecting passive friendships to happen. Friendship takes a lot of work to build as an adult.

Back in school you had excuses to see each other regularly. As an adult you have to construct those scenarios.

And if you feel bad that someone hasn’t reached out to you in a while then sometimes you gotta suck it up and reach out to them or else you could just end up not talking ever again.”

10. I’ll be in the back.

“As a metalhead, my mosh-pit days are left in my 20s.

I’ll contently headbang in towards the back half of the venue.”

11. Keep on looking.

“Stop Listening to new music.

There’s good new bands and artists everywhere.

Even if the charts don’t represent this.”

12. Don’t sweat it.

“Just turned 50 and the things that would upset me in my 20s I could give two sh**s about now.

You just stop giving a f**k about the small stupid stuff.”

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