17 Horrible Bosses Who Totally Deserve To Be Called Out Online

If you’re over the age of 25, there’s a good chance that you’ve had at least one horrible boss in your life. Not everyone is cut out for management, but that doesn’t stop them from getting hired (for all kinds of reasons), and so we all have to learn, at one time or another, to deal with it.

These 17 bosses are so bad that people couldn’t keep their mouths shut about it, and after reading the details?

They had every dang right to put them on blast.

17. The audacity, I swear.

And to put it in WRITING no less.

Saw one of these posted here earlier. Wanted to share the ones my boss has been hanging in my break room too. from antiwork

16. Maybe Jenny should learn some grammar.

I mean, she works for a multi-million dollar company after all.

My bf’s snapchat memory from 2017 – posted at his old job at a grocery store… from antiwork

15. This is straight-up theft.

I hope no one is letting their boss get away with that.

Boss stole well over $20k in tips from us, I asked for my share back, he tried to short change me (only $800) but gave me access to new payroll data, found out I was owed EVEN MORE. I called the DOL, I got paid 💸💸 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. WAGE THEFT IS A CRIME from antiwork

14. I mean that’s barely a fever.

Come on, Brian. /s

Boss wants me to come in because she has "No one" fever steadily increasing I’m a closing manager for Goodwill. from antiwork

13. I’m pretending I didn’t see that.

And I bet all of you are, too.

What do you guys think? Should I go to work in 3 hours when my boss texts me at 5 in the morning? from antiwork

12. They didn’t even owe them a response, to be honest.

But it was an excellent response.

Just withdrew my application for a position after a terrible interview where the interviewer wouldn’t turn on her camera, told me she didn’t read my resume, wouldn’t give me a pay range and asked me questions like “Will you leave us if you get another job? Because the last girl did” from antiwork

11. You’ve gotta know when to walk away, y’all.

Know your worth, because they certainly don’t.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. How is she going to know?

I think that’s the real question here.

My old boss took 10 days off and put this on her chair… in order to access her computer (aka cover her work while she was gone) we had to stand or bring in another chair… she would rewatch the cameras at 6x speed to see if anyone would touch it 😂 from antiwork

9. This is legit insane.

Like, do you not have anything better to do?

A department manager did this to my bike when I had it in the back for a single day from antiwork

8. He made the right decision.

You don’t want to work for someone like that long term. Or at all.

My boss declined my vacation (after having 4 months notice) to Hawaii to propose to my girlfriend because they (needed me badly) in the office… Obviously work/life balance didn’t mean anything to them. Anyways… here’s my view. (She said yes) from antiwork

7. Well that’s mysterious.

It is the gift that keeps on giving.

My girlfriends boss handed this to her in her office saying, "These are being handed out from the company." I’m not sure if this is a Christmas gift. What do you all think? from antiwork

6. I hate no-reason firings.

It’s so freaking frustrating when it happens to you.

This is how I got fired. No warning, no reason, over text, from my boss I thought was my friend. This is after I went on a 45 minute walk to get lids from another store. (Repost under different account without my name) from antiwork

5. Doesn’t seem like much of a loss.

For the employee, anyway.

Boss doesn’t have any tools in his shop and instructed me not to buy any tools for his shop. When mechanic work came he wanted me to lend my tools to his employees and I didn’t so he fired me. from antiwork

4. I’m sorry but that’s not my problem.

I don’t understand how more managers don’t get THAT.

I’m a caregiver/DSP for developmentally disabled adults. My boss just scheduled me a 20hr shift without my consent so I quit. from antiwork

3. Stay off my social media.

That’s just creepy, friend. And rude.

My boss somehow found my Snapchat from antiwork

2. Firing the responsible employee doesn’t change anything she said.

In case you didn’t know that.

I was fired after sending this email to my boss about labor violations. from antiwork

1. That definitely does not work for me.

I don’t think they understand how promised pay works.

Sure you will boss from antiwork

I don’t understand how employers don’t understand they’re biting themselves in the rear doing stuff like this.

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